Month: February 2007

trend alert

1. trapeze silhouettes and oversized tops– as the pants stay skinny, tops are getting more voluminous (pants soon to follow!). flared shapes in jackets, tops, and dresses are the thing for spring. adopt this trend inexpensively by checking out thrift stores and eBay for jackets and minidresses from the 60’s or adopt your boyfriend’s brightest tees, tuck them in casually and wear them with your skinny jeans and sexy heels or flats. here are a few of my favorite pieces illustrating this trend:



  • cropped trapeze jacket from Osman Yousefzada

  • lavendar swing coat from Proenza for Target

  • swingy babydoll from DKNY

  • voluminous short-sleeved belted trench from Marni

  • printed mini dress from Chloe

2. opaque tights/leggings and unexpected color – time to stock up on knit, lace, metallic and brightly colored tights and other bold accessories. this is another trend that is very easy to buy into as accessories like brightly colored necklaces and tights are relatively inexpensive. be creative and don’t worry about pairing a blue belt with yellow shoes. big colors this season are all over the rainbow. royal blue, fire engine red, canary yellow and bright lavenders. navy, black and white are sticking around too.



  • oversized yellow boy tee with royal blue belt & red shoes by Proenza for Target
  • white coat with red dress and peacock blue tights by Trovata
  • black coat and mini dress with red leggings and red wellies by Y3

more spring trends to watch out for:

  1. babydoll and minidress waistlines are moving from last season’s empire to above the bust (yoke-style) or slightly down between the empire and natural waist.
  2. platform shoes are sticking around, but they’ll be more sculptural and chunky for spring. also hold on to those flat sandals from last year, they can now be paired with your skinny jeans or bermudas and worn with your babydoll top.
  3. and finally, crop some of your skinny jeans to ankle length to wear with heels or platforms!

-photo credits to and Target

a few of my favorite finds

you know that feeling when you get home from a day of shopping and you feel like you practically got away with burglary, such was the sheer vastness of your savings? and then on top of it, the purchases ended up being some of your favorite things to wear?? oh, delight.


wrap top by hot sauce

this little number in sheer, crisp cotton was found at a Salvation Army Thrift Store for, i kid you not, $5. I swear to jeebus it still had a $40 Nordstrom still attached. i wore this to a bachelorette party once and got hit on like 39 times.



vintage gold chain necklace w/ navy enamel buttons

this may not look like much, but it is absolutely one of my favorite accessories. it is the perfect length and has this subtle nautical thing going for it that is just so darn hip. plus it goes with EVERYTHING. this was found in a box at a garage sale for 25 cents and i almost didn’t bother with it.*



print chiffon mini dress

click on this thumbnail to check out the print. isn’t it gorgeous?? and the fabric is divine. i found this on eBay for a grand total of $17 including shipping from Thailand. and it came w/ a matching belt and 2 pairs of free earrings. yeah.



mother of pearl watch w/ white leather strap

i love white accessories this year, they modernize anything you throw ’em on with. i found this at effing Mervyn’s for $10 and i get complimented on it all the time. sorry about the terrible photo, but it really is adorable. it reminds me of an old bakelite radio.



tips and tricks for that just-burgled feeling:

  • when shopping at those discount department stores (Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, Winners, etc) or even thrift stores, try skipping the downtown locations altogether and head for the ‘burbs. the selection is a lot less picked through and you’ll find that the things you want are more likely to be on the sale rack rather than a “featured item” at the front of the store.
  • *always try to put items (especially accessories) in context with your wardrobe. that necklace up there, for instance, was not looking that hot tangled up in a box of hideous costume jewelry, but when i’m wearing my green striped tunic, dark jeans and gold flats, nothing else will do!
  • never ever pay full price for anything that’s overtly trendy! now i’m all for splurging on investment pieces like little black dresses or anything that you’ll be able to wear in the next 2 years. but if you really want to wear a trend, wait a week or two and buy a knock-off. believe me, you don’t want to be stuck with a $110 skull scarf come spring. (the exception to this rule for me is if the trend is overwhelmingly flattering. in that case, you’ll get a ton of wear out of it and feel gorgeous before the trend is over. besides, you may even be able to carry it into the next season since nobody will care if its in or out, you’ll just look HOT.)


Got pants?

The Budget Fashionista has a HUGE Coupons and Deals Database, so make sure you check it out before you get out the Ol’ MasterCharge. oh, and Delia*s is having a mighty fine clearance sale. Lookit!!

1marciacable.jpg1abigailcami.jpg1shorts1999.jpg1goldniabraidedflats1999.jpg 1angie-ring-necklace599.jpg




mmmm. tasty.



gutterglam (celebrity style you could almost afford even if you were homeless).

oh god. look what nicole richie left the house in now. i wouldn’t be caught dead in this. ok, maybe i would. maybe i love it so much i would actually be buried in it. she looks chic and timeless yet totally modern. like if coco chanel and helmut lang had a baby. nice work, nicole’s new stylist.

OUCH. i want it:


So here’s how to do it cheap rather than spending, say, a year’s salary:


Salt & Pepper vintage herringbone coat with 3/4 length sleeves: $39.99 at


Justine Tunic / Minidress with big button details and scoop neck: $22.80 at Forever21


pltfrm.jpground toe wooden platform: $29.99 at Urban Outfittersdeuxluxsack3999urban.jpg







Deux Lux Sack with braided strap: $39.99 at Urban Outfitters



  • Total for complete & utter fabulousness: $133!!

my favorite eBay stores

CM Style

Absolutely adorable tops, sweaters, dresses and coats at low starting bids and very reasonable “Buy it now” prices. It takes a bit of sleuthing and a good eye, but JACKPOT!


Fullerton Student

A HUGE selection of sticky sweet shoes (lots of ballet flats, peep toes, wedges, kitten heels and boots) and a lot of them sell for about $10. I just bought some adorable black patent leather peep toe flats.



    The CUTEST vintage stuff with pretty, pretty pictures. Good starting bids, decent shipping, but the most accessible listings can go for a pretty penny. Oh how I covet that mini dress!


    Le Robo

    Le Robo is similar to Thriftwares but with slightly edgier designs. And they’re from Vancouver!


    Tiny Pony Vintage

    5 million skinny vintage t-shirts. I have a Heineken one that I live in on weekends with skinny jeans and flats. Look at the pretty pretty pictures of model, Colin. He’s “6’2″, 165lbs of pure sexy beastishness. and he’s single.” He should totally date that dish from Thriftwares.



A fabulous discount store in Thailand. Pages and pages of adorable dresses (some real stinkers too, of course, but be patient) that look a bit cheap in the photos but are actually made of quality fabrics and have unique stitching details. Coats and tops too. Surprisingly fast and cheap shipping and most dresses sell for around $10!



    JT and Co.

    This store is SO great if you’re looking for designer investment pieces or party dresses. Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger and a PANTLOAD of BCBG (sigh…) are really reasonably priced and have super-low starting bids. And the service is fantastic to boot.


too rich for my blood.

look at this outfit from anthropologie. i hate you, anthropologie. you’re cute. and stupidly expensive.


    blonde blossom shirt -$248

    mariner pants – $88

    rushes and reeds cuff bracelet- $98

total- $434


instead, i will have to opt for:


holy crap! i just saved you $354!!! 

you’re welcome.


welcome to my fashion blog. my name is amber and i’ve been painfully hip for as long as i can recall. also, i am cheap. therefore, to keep my fashion vices fed, i am obsessed with the finding of ridiculous deals on said hipness and am generous (and bored) enough to share them.

you’re welcome.