Month: March 2007

In Defense of the Uniform

You know those cheap clothing stores that are pockmarking our lovely stripmall america? They have names like “Styles for Less” and “Maria’s Discounts” and their stuff falls apart if you do anything too deviant such as, I don’t know, breathe? And the fabric that they make it out of feels kinda like a cross between shark skin and horse hair but still manages to be utterly synthetic? And then you say to yourself, “Oh well, it only cost me 5 bucks, I at least got 5 bucks worth of wear out of it. And it’s already out of style anyways.” Well I’ve decided that, in this world of waste, it is better to spend $50 on a pair of cotton North Face pants that I can wear everyday and will last forever. These things are so great, they always look good, fit well and are so modifiable! They, along with my American Apparel t shirts are my cozy weekend uniform. Wes Anderson understands the power of the uniform and how your clothes shape you and reflect you at the same time.

And who says uniforms can’t be HOT? (Hint: Jackie Mitoo makes everything hot)

What’s your uniform?


i heart etsy. part deux.

“sometimes there is so much beauty in the world… I feel like I can’t take it… and my heart is just going to cave in…” or my credit card will max out.

Luxe Deluxe!

il_155×1256634520.jpg il_155×1256789692.jpgil_155×1256582992.jpgil_155×1256817447.jpgil_155×1256971491.jpgil_155×1256014643.jpg

prices range from only $9 (for the tortoiseshell Jackie-O hoops) to $32 (Flora Bella gold cuff): (kill me now!)

double the pain

i have been keeping a secret. i am not the only person with my identical bargain-shopping gene. my keen sale-sniffing skills. my joyous love of fashion…

she’s a graphic print-loving, creatively professional, champion of autism during the week and a psych/folk rock-listening, beer-brewing, technicolored beagle-wrangler on the weekend…

we shared a womb, a room, and now (over 1,000 miles of left coast apart) we will share a fashion blog. she’ll be the folk-chic yin to my boho-glam yang…

…we may have to change the name of this site to Excruciatingly Hip.

here she is, my twin sister, Eve (seriously, watch out.):

thrift star: the hippest girl on the internet


I try. Really I do. But the truth is, I am cursed with a masters degree and the american dream. Which ironically means i don’t have time or money to shop. But I can still enjoy the vision of others. This was the impetus for putting the word “outfit” into flickr. One scroll button flick down and I find the hippest girl on the internet. WHERE DOES THIS CHICK SHOP? Her sense of irony and her style are so effortless! I can’t help but start puking up technicolor! Why can’t I be this confident with a kelly green belt??? I cry when I think about how many of these silly polyester flower print shirts I’ve wantonly passed over in the thrift store.


new Go! International line for Target by Libertine

was anyone else disappointed by this line? i am SO done with skull motifs and preppy styling. it seems so 2006. the only things i really like are this button-down collarless cornucopia print top (which, yes, has a few skulls), the tree T-shirt, the white sweater in the last photo, some of the pants and the dark wash jeans.

libertinecornucopia.jpg treet.jpg


nevertheless, i LOVE the balls on target for taking chances on such high-fashion designers. Anna Wintour once compared Libertine to Galliano, so they’ve obviously toned it down a few notches for the masses.

spring fever mini-spree (and a discount for You!)

after a weekend of record rainfall, its been really nice here for the last 2 days. we’re totally on a roll. that’s about the time when my spring fever reaches a high and my credit card starts to wimper. my winter wardrobe desperately needs some freshening up.

Lovely Mai from The Fusion Boutique to the rescue! after seeing my Anthropologie Style at Forever 21 prices post, she emailed me just in time to tell me that i and all my hipsters, including You, deserve an additional 10% discount off her already low prices (coupon code: painfullyhip). STOKED!

OMG, she has the cutest new inventory! this is what i got:


an aqua, sheer, flowing babydoll cotton sundress! only $27 with the discount and JUST what the doctor ordered! i think i dreamed about this last night. i was wearing it with my gauzy yellow scarf and my white ankle-strap flats. it comes in a nice neutral taupe too.

i LOVE the detailing on this shirtdress. the pleating at the shoulder and sleeve, the top stitching along the collar… and it’s linen! the quintessential springtime fabric. i plan on wearing this as a trench- open and belted over bermudas and a tank with some toe-ring sandals. this will make a WICKED swimsuit cover-up for the beach too!

i love me some assymetrical, layered copper necklaces. and c’mon. less than $12 with the discount. this seems like it’ll be ridiculously versatile.

ooh this looks so soft and buttery and i think this will make my waist look tiny and go with pretty much anything. um, less than $6!!

thanks, Mai!

UPDATE: The Fusion Boutique has now moved to its new store, RUCHE!

i heart etsy: designer highlight

being a wannabe seamstress/jewelry-designer myself, i am a complete sucker for handmade, well, anything., bless ’em, are totally dedicated to artisan wares and some of these things are at just amazing prices. most artists i know are completely in love with their crafts and any money they make from it is just icing, so you really can find some great deals on one-of-a-kind (and sometimes even made to order!) pieces there and support the arts at the same time.

one such talented DIYer is Elizabeth Scott of Jewelry by Elizabeth Scott. i am just completely floored at her knack for delicate, nature-inspired jewelry for ridiculously reasonable prices too. if $20 for earrings (ahem, i mean wearable art) is still out of your budget, i would have to say that these are definitely splurge-worthy. most are made from semi-precious metals (sterling silver and copper), and nature-inspired, well, anything truly never goes out of style.

bell flower earrings: $20 . . . knit wire leaf necklace: $32
mirror mirror earrings: $15 . . . copper petal ring: $26
vine filigree necklace: $30 . . . ginko earrings: $39

real style can’t be bought (beautiful photos of young, hip runaways)

one of my favorite online art magazines is San Francisco’s Fecal Face. they have an article on a photo essay by an amazing polaroid photographer named Mike Brodie (aka The Polariod kid), who travelled across the US on the railway taking photos of these gorgeous young kids who are middle-class runaways and true-to-life hobos. they are beautiful photos, but i was just so struck at the magnitude of their hipness. these look like fashion photography to me.







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runway robbery! (high fashion on the down-lo)

i just couldn’t get this gorgeous belted trench look from Marni SS07 out of my noggin, so i thought i’d burgle it in a more colourful version (the brighter the better, i always say) and throw in a few metallic accessories for my hipsters for the low price of $136.76. check ‘er out!

MARNI Spring/Summer 2007


Lux button-down trapeze dress with side pockets (worn as a trench): $34.99

Kimchi and Blue printed chiffon empire-waist blouse (worn as dress): $34.99


silver braided ring chain belt: $27

grey cropped leggings: $5.99


Steve Madden Lemore grey suede platforms: $29.99

silver woven headband: $3.80

check me out – almost spring

so yeah, ok, it is officially spring, but you wouldn’t know it around here. i’m still living in my boots and coat, but every once in a while a sunny (albeit cold as britney’s head) day will come around and i can at least pull out my flats and cropped jackets and throw in a bit of color. yesterday was such a day (i threw in my “sans jacket and scarf look” for good measure):

almostspring.jpg 1almostspring321.jpg

cotton wrap top by hot sauce: $5 at Salvation Army (with Nordstrom tag still attached)

white empire waist V-neck w/ gathered sleeves and satin trim: $3 at Hangers Discount Store

silver and jade necklace (came w/ 6 other switchable semi-precious stones): christmas gift from my endlessly thrifty mother which i believe she got on sale from Macys for $20 (she always proudly leaves the tags on things so she can show me what a great deal she got, or how extravagant she’s being).

grey skinny jeans: $17 at Target (a year ago)

white ankle strap flats: Army and Navy $19

baby blue cropped peacoat: $12 at Saks Outlet – yeah, i KNOW! it had these awful blue plastic buttons on it when i got it so i replaced them with some tortoise shell ones.

gauzy yellow scarf: $5 at this hippie drum shop on Vancouver’s Commercial Dr.

vintage grey ruched leather clutch: $2 at a garage sale

total: $63!