check me out – almost spring

so yeah, ok, it is officially spring, but you wouldn’t know it around here. i’m still living in my boots and coat, but every once in a while a sunny (albeit cold as britney’s head) day will come around and i can at least pull out my flats and cropped jackets and throw in a bit of color. yesterday was such a day (i threw in my “sans jacket and scarf look” for good measure):

almostspring.jpg 1almostspring321.jpg

cotton wrap top by hot sauce: $5 at Salvation Army (with Nordstrom tag still attached)

white empire waist V-neck w/ gathered sleeves and satin trim: $3 at Hangers Discount Store

silver and jade necklace (came w/ 6 other switchable semi-precious stones): christmas gift from my endlessly thrifty mother which i believe she got on sale from Macys for $20 (she always proudly leaves the tags on things so she can show me what a great deal she got, or how extravagant she’s being).

grey skinny jeans: $17 at Target (a year ago)

white ankle strap flats: Army and Navy $19

baby blue cropped peacoat: $12 at Saks Outlet – yeah, i KNOW! it had these awful blue plastic buttons on it when i got it so i replaced them with some tortoise shell ones.

gauzy yellow scarf: $5 at this hippie drum shop on Vancouver’s Commercial Dr.

vintage grey ruched leather clutch: $2 at a garage sale

total: $63!