In Defense of the Uniform

You know those cheap clothing stores that are pockmarking our lovely stripmall america? They have names like “Styles for Less” and “Maria’s Discounts” and their stuff falls apart if you do anything too deviant such as, I don’t know, breathe? And the fabric that they make it out of feels kinda like a cross between shark skin and horse hair but still manages to be utterly synthetic? And then you say to yourself, “Oh well, it only cost me 5 bucks, I at least got 5 bucks worth of wear out of it. And it’s already out of style anyways.” Well I’ve decided that, in this world of waste, it is better to spend $50 on a pair of cotton North Face pants that I can wear everyday and will last forever. These things are so great, they always look good, fit well and are so modifiable! They, along with my American Apparel t shirts are my cozy weekend uniform. Wes Anderson understands the power of the uniform and how your clothes shape you and reflect you at the same time.

And who says uniforms can’t be HOT? (Hint: Jackie Mitoo makes everything hot)

What’s your uniform?