spring fever mini-spree (and a discount for You!)

spring fever mini-spree (and a discount for You!)

after a weekend of record rainfall, its been really nice here for the last 2 days. we’re totally on a roll. that’s about the time when my spring fever reaches a high and my credit card starts to wimper. my winter wardrobe desperately needs some freshening up.

Lovely Mai from The Fusion Boutique to the rescue! after seeing my Anthropologie Style at Forever 21 prices post, she emailed me just in time to tell me that i and all my hipsters, including You, deserve an additional 10% discount off her already low prices (coupon code: painfullyhip). STOKED!

OMG, she has the cutest new inventory! this is what i got:


an aqua, sheer, flowing babydoll cotton sundress! only $27 with the discount and JUST what the doctor ordered! i think i dreamed about this last night. i was wearing it with my gauzy yellow scarf and my white ankle-strap flats. it comes in a nice neutral taupe too.

i LOVE the detailing on this shirtdress. the pleating at the shoulder and sleeve, the top stitching along the collar… and it’s linen! the quintessential springtime fabric. i plan on wearing this as a trench- open and belted over bermudas and a tank with some toe-ring sandals. this will make a WICKED swimsuit cover-up for the beach too!

i love me some assymetrical, layered copper necklaces. and c’mon. less than $12 with the discount. this seems like it’ll be ridiculously versatile.

ooh this looks so soft and buttery and i think this will make my waist look tiny and go with pretty much anything. um, less than $6!!

thanks, Mai!

UPDATE: The Fusion Boutique has now moved to its new store, RUCHE!

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  • Lynne

    Thanks, Amber! Have you bought any clothing from Fusion before? I’m wondering about the sizes. The size chart is kind of weird–a Medium is 34-32-34? I would really like that little trapeze jacket, esp. with the discount, it’s so reasonable! But I tend to fall between a Med. and a Large, and they don’t have it in Large. Of course there’s a couple of other things I wouldn’t mind having….

  • Mai

    Hi Lynne!
    This is Mai from Fusion Boutique. Thanks for your interest in the jacket. The size chart up there is just an average. We can get you the exact sizing for anything though. We have one more in a Large so I just posted it if you are interested. Here are the sizes: M Bust-40 Length-20 Shoulder to shoulder-23.5; L Bust-42 Length 21, s to s 24. If you need anymore sizes, feel free to send us an email. Thanks a bunch!
    Happy Shopping!

  • Thanks so much for sharing! The site looks great and the prices are incredible. Got paid today…(devilish grin)!

  • Tiffany

    These clothes look amazing! Given the great clothes and great prices, I was sorely tempted to purchase lots of items! I decided not to, though, when I saw the $2 per item restocking fee. As a short and curvy woman, it’s not super easy to find clothes that fit right. I typically order several items (and sometimes the same item in two different sizes)and return about half of what I order. If I ordered 15 items from this site and returned 7 of them, that would be a $14 charge! Yikes!

  • Mai

    Hi Tiffany!
    I was just going through my daily blog reads and saw your message. Since we’re a new site, we love to your comments and suggestions. You are right about the restocking fee, who wants to pay that. Plus it is an online store so it would be difficult to get the perfect size. Just because of your comment, we’ve decided to remove the restocking fee! Hopefully people don’t end up returning everything hehe. We will see how it goes. Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions! You should drop by our site and go shopping crazy now! =)

  • Hi,

    Wow. That aqua dress and the jewellery look so fabulous. I am gonna visit the store soon.

    Thanks for the info.

  • luvd ur copper necklaces….

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