thrift star: the hippest girl on the internet

thrift star: the hippest girl on the internet


I try. Really I do. But the truth is, I am cursed with a masters degree and the american dream. Which ironically means i don’t have time or money to shop. But I can still enjoy the vision of others. This was the impetus for putting the word “outfit” into flickr. One scroll button flick down and I find the hippest girl on the internet. WHERE DOES THIS CHICK SHOP? Her sense of irony and her style are so effortless! I can’t help but start puking up technicolor! Why can’t I be this confident with a kelly green belt??? I cry when I think about how many of these silly polyester flower print shirts I’ve wantonly passed over in the thrift store.


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  • Kori

    aaah, the joys of wardrobe_remix. oh how i love it…

  • Sharon

    I knew she was asian before I even click on the pics. Asian women old and young have this sense of style that is so ecletic, so mixed up and so unthinkable, it’s like every time I see them in their mobile herd walking close together I marvel how they tend to mix clashing patterns and colors together like they couldn’t make up their minds what to wear, so they said, “I’m going to wear this and this and this cuz these are my favorite things to wear for today.” Unreal but I love the way they just put clothes together. And they love wearing these super high heels and can walk miles in them while shopping.

  • Lynne

    She’s so cute, you two even stand alike in photos! And I totally dig the green belt and green shoes! I am so into green these days! Charming outfits.

  • hi lynne!
    the photos aren’t of my sister, the post is by her! ;)
    heehee, i can see why that would be confusing!

  • Lynne

    Oops! OK, note I made that post during a 4 am insomniac attack–:) But they are still similar stances, showing off the outfit I guess. Welcome, Eve!

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