Month: May 2007

time to put on some clean clothes that match. damn.

home again, home again, jiggity jig!
it feels good to be back. better than i thought it would. might have a little something to do with the fact that the weather here right now is just as awesome as it was in california. i left work a pale brunette and came back a tan blonde.

we had an amazing weekend on the coast, cooking great food, bonfires on the beach, drunken campfire singalongs (we have so many talented friends!) and hikes amongst tidepools… unfortunately, i managed to lose my camera in the sand one night along with a wicked photo of some sacramento hipsters, one of them wearing a shortsuit, who i stalked in a liquor store…
(pretty ladies, if you’re reading this, please send me a photo of your favorite outfits? i don’t give a shit about my cheap camera. but dammit, lost hipness of such majesty really chaps my hide. the address is! and all the rest of you? get on it!)
however, eve did manage to get a photo of some of us in our grooviest party-ready camping outfits. we like to use camping as an excuse to wear everything with anything. camping is the perfect time to whip out your creativity and break all kindsa rules. why just look like a homeless person when you can look like a crazy person with conviction instead?

thirty and dirty
“thirty and dirty”

i really need to give my perfectly fitted, long-sleeved tuxedo print shirt more wears (garage sale, 25 cents). i never could pass up a little bit of glamour, even in the dirt.

check us out: we almost dropped

thank you so much for the birthday wishes, oh stylish readers! we had a great one. a birthday present-funded shopping spree, and a birthday party to follow. i think we spent about 3 hours saturating the Nordstrom Rack Outlet with our twin drool. Eve went with quantity, while i opted for quality. of course you can’t really lose with Nordstrom’s quality.

Eve scored a sweet royal blue tunic (pictured), a wicked black tee with a preying mantis design embroidered on the front, a hoodie, a stupidly sexy brown sweater dress (she and her husband mysteriously disappeared when she tried it on for him), a pair of adorable dark wash cropped jeans with button details (pictured), some brown tweed bermudas, and a pair of white hot linen short shorts.

I got only a few classic investment pieces: a sultry green Michael Kors keyhole maillot with gold hardware, a divine cotton mini shirtdress with trench styling and a drop-waist, and an amazing tan linen swing jacket by Mac & Jac which i completely fell in love with and finally decided to whisk away with me despite the “sale” price of $60 (i heart birthdays). it’s just one of those pieces that you know you’ll still love in 6 years, something that could class up the laziest of outfits and make you feel like audrey every time you throw it on. i also grabbed a cotton pinstriped pinafore top and a pair of aviators. and then we raided payless shoes for sandals.

so here we are being silly downtown on the most temperate and beautiful birthnight a pair could ask for…

here’s what we’re wearing:

on amber ( i decided to go strawberry blonde with brunette lowlights for my birthday. i rather like it, but now we look slightly less twinish)-

chiffon babydoll with geometric pattern, a gift from the mother-in-law.

brown nylon short shorts, army navy $15

eve’s Enzo flats, my $2 thrift store bracelet and $3 target necklace (once again)

on eve

blue tunic and cropped jeans, nordstrom rack, a gift from mum (under $30 for both)

paisley 70’s stewardess scarf worn on head, thrift store 50 cents

my steve madden peeptoe flats, $26

on both – handmade person pins, Niece Sophia originals, priceless.

our birthday may be over, but the party has just begun. we can’t WAIT to get to the coast. it’s hot in the valley!

Haand Them Over

Loafers are the new flat. I love loafers! So hot with knee highs and a skirt, so coy with capris, so geek chic with skinny jeans. And now I am the proud owner of a pair of vintage Cole Haans! Check it:


I found these at the thrift store for $3.99.

I pictured the previous owner as being a Diane-Keaton type. She had a loafer addiction and decided to leave her plumber husband to run off with her accountant to Fiji and write her first novel. She only had time to grab her Enzos and her Coaches before her flight (Besides, she’d worn them on their honeymoon to Paris back in ’84). Her husband couldn’t look at them and tossed them onto a thrift store parking lot on his way to an AA meeting.

(All prices include shipping)
Crocodile penny loafer $24.99

Coach Sig. Driving Shoe $74.87

Miraculously, Eve, who was about to turn 3o, had been wanting to feel classic and luxurious but was also broke. Her feet happened to be the same size and have the same contours as Diane’s. So the Cole Haans and Eve lived together, through beaches and brewfests, happily ever after.

White Driving Mules, $31.49

I just feel so hip in these, I don’t care that people will say, “Haha, I had a pair of those in high school. I used to wear them with my paisley vest and my bunchy sox…with my jeans tucked in!!!”

Happy Birthday to me!

i’m taking turning 30 as a dare.

we’ve been loving all your comments this week, but we hope you’ll all bear with some rather meager postings next week…

mine and Eve’s birthday is on wednesday so the hubby and i are taking the dog on a (what, what?) ROADTRIP! woohoo!
we’re staying in portland, or the first night, and then on down to stay with eve and her hunny in california (it’s right back where i started from). after a day of shopping for birthday presents with mum (who taught us everything we know), we’re heading over to the coast for some bbq-keg-beach camping with a big group of friends! after another night of beach camping in oregon, i’ll be back posting with a vengeance next month. it’s going to be madness. about 2,500 miles all told. expect to see lots of check me outs of new birthday outfits (no, not nudity, you perv)!

beach party

Thirties, you’re not approaching. you’re not waiting in the corner, ready to pounce. i’m clawing my way into you on my terms.
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check me out: short shorts shopping

my husband is quite a bit taller than me, so whenever he takes a photo for me my legs get all foreshortened and stubby-looking. gross. but i really had fun wearing this comfy outfit walking around Granville Island and this rad indian guy i bought a sweater from told me i looked “very smart, you know, from a fashion perspective.” so what the hey, here i am, stubby legs and all.

white cotton flutter-sleeve top, Winner’s/TJ Maxx $14
black wool hoodie sweater with wooden toggle buttons (an Xmas prezzy from me mum), Macy’s, about $19
wooden beaded necklace (yeah, i know the CPW on this thing is wicked), Target $3
brown cuffed shorts, Army/Navy $15
black footless tights (gotsta hide those winter white stems), Reitman’s $3
comfy brown maryjane wedges by Liz Claiborne, Winner’s $50
white leather watch with a double wrap strap, Washington Duty-Free $10

Eve’s Knicker Picker

What is it with elaborate lingerie?

I don’t care if you’re Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen, nobody looks good in cheap velour or scratchy lace (although the helmet is totally HOT).

Hell, I’d take duct tape over that.

Now this is super hot, nobody can argue with that, but this was definitely designed by a virgin, because that delicate lace will rip at any sign of heavy breathing and for $1549, you could buy yourself a couple sessions with a sex therapist.

My hubby enjoys simplicity. A pair of boyshorts with a sheer tanktop is his cup-o-tea.

And I’d have to agree. Cozy, comfy, and durable is all I need.

Case in point:

(Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation )

But I’ve got a little hippie in me. Why not channel your power animal from your nether regions?

Or if you want something a bit more feminine, check out Etsy:

At least you know that these handmade beauties won’t crumble under a bit of horseplay, no?

H-O-T to trot.

Go Jane: go get some glasses

i’m more than willing to dig through loads of junk to find some reasonably priced treasures. and i do like a large selection. but some of GoJane’s junk are real DOOZIES. SO offensive, SO repulsive, I hardly ever go there, despite their wicked prices. they desperately need a more selective buyer, or at least one that’s slightly less blind. behold, the hideousness…

tri-color top ($17): if you wear this, beware, i might think you’re a pinata and smack you. but that’s ok, because you’ll deserve it.

white apolline jacket ($33): OMG! now my french show poodle and i can be figure skating partners!

represent bikini and senate boyshorts ($40): oh say can you see, my nips through this crappy polyester!? if you wore this to my 4th of july BBQ, i might accidently severely undercook your chicken.

nautical applique skirt ($19): i know! let’s take a perfectly passable skirt and slap on a random red, gold and blue anchor patch and ridiculously long fuschia ribbons so you will feel like you have spiders are climbing up your leg all day! wee!

scholar(??) dress ($23): if you have a habit of drinking waaaay too much goldschlager, passing out face down and then pissing yourself, this is the dress for you.

ashling shorts ($24): i don’t mind a bubble hem on a short short, but the fabric and lack of front seams on this make it look like an adult diaper. and they went CRAZY on the colors. what in the hell would you wear these with?! oh yeah of course, an adult diaper.

apprize skirt ($34): emblazoning “hindu-inspired deities” across your ass is SO yesteryear.

wyoming capris ($29): faded turquoise denim capris may be out, but dirty faded turquoise denim capris are AWESOME.

oh, i almost forgot:

mmm, taste that? i looove the piquant flavor of throat bile. delish.

all that being said, i kinda really want to buy this, this and these.

Naked Lady Party: Like an all-girl pillow fight minus the pillows.

My dear friend Angie threw a naked lady party the other night, have you guys ever BEEN to one of these? SUCH a great idea. Unfortunately, my arms were so full of bags of clothes and shoes when I left my house that I completely forgot my camera to document this frantic and ecstatic event.

Basically, what a Naked Lady Party consists of is a bunch of ladies bringing their old clothes, shoes and jewelery to the party and swapping with their friends (that is if you consider a bunch of half-dressed, inebriated girls, “ladies” and the process of flinging mounds of clothes all over the place whilst giggling and squealing, “swapping”). Well, I tell you what, even if it was just sitting around awkwardly and civilized (aka., baby shower), it would be worth it because I SCORED hardcore on Friday night! I must thank my mother for my quick snatch skills, as she birthed my 4 siblings.

Here are some of my favorites:


Tank top with buttons (Forever 21): FREE

Silk 3/4 sleeve turtleneck (Ann Taylor): $0

Corduroy a-line skirt (Zinc): a hay penny

Military zip-up (Stussy!): a few brain cells


Red button-up with mandarin collar (Vintage): years of searching

Sleeveless print top (Sele): $$$

Grey hoodie with tiny stars (Forever 21): Nada

The coolest thing about a Naked Lady Party is that you don’t feel as guilty getting rid of some of your cuter stuff that you just can’t bear to give to some anonymous, nameless face. Instead you are giving them to your friends, seeing them look radiant in them, and with the other eye, scoping out their pile of treasures. AND, you’re saving the environment and a few little sweatshop hands.

Everybody get NAKED!

hip hunting for mother’s day street style

our beautiful older sister is a fantastic mother and chic as all getout. lookit!

handmade couture crepe hat, beaded necklace and sparkley pin (made by tiny child-sized hands, but not in a sweatshop)
silk headscarf, the perfect colour for her gorgeous pale skin
white trapeze top, complete with handpainted grape jelly stain, a great compliment to the scarf and belt
purple sequined elastic belt (i’m pretty sure this is the same belt i wore to my first concert which was, eek, They Might Be Giants).
those straight leg jeans are such a great colour, wash and fit for her amazing figure!
sweet knotted wedges, probably from Payless. she always finds the best styles there.


Never was fashion this important in men’s shoes, ever since prada shoes as well as gucci shoes introduced their lines.

f@#$ the bride, it’s all about ME – the italian wedding

i attended my first italian wedding a couple of years ago. what a TO DO! seriously. its all very traditional and formal, the church ceremony lasts for at least an hour and a half (not sure, i think i lost consciousness from about halfway through the 32nd sermon) but for some reason, no one is afraid to wear black. at the one i went to, the mother of the groom wore black! ok, so maybe it was a deep grey, but nonetheless. but they sure did know how to party! my favorite was the late night espresso bar (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried cappuccino with sambuca)! so make sure to bring your dancing shoes! here’s a look using two adorable little black dresses that go from prim and proper day dress to chic and sexy cocktail. black and white and yellow are way too chic!

look! i can afford something at anthropologie! poplin tuxedo dress: $49.95
too freaking adorable, i guess i’m not over the shortsleeve jacket yet cream linen ruched sleeve jacket: $22.80
i’m so innocent quilted faux leather headband: $4.80
yummy cream shirred ribbon flats: $38
so precious yellow bow clutch: $10.80
sweet vintage green pendant necklace: $12
bringing sexy black satin column dress: $38
legs to there gold strappy shoes: $28
goes with anything gold organza detail necklace: $8.80
luxurious cream wrap with gold trim: $18