check us out: we almost dropped

thank you so much for the birthday wishes, oh stylish readers! we had a great one. a birthday present-funded shopping spree, and a birthday party to follow. i think we spent about 3 hours saturating the Nordstrom Rack Outlet with our twin drool. Eve went with quantity, while i opted for quality. of course you can’t really lose with Nordstrom’s quality.

Eve scored a sweet royal blue tunic (pictured), a wicked black tee with a preying mantis design embroidered on the front, a hoodie, a stupidly sexy brown sweater dress (she and her husband mysteriously disappeared when she tried it on for him), a pair of adorable dark wash cropped jeans with button details (pictured), some brown tweed bermudas, and a pair of white hot linen short shorts.

I got only a few classic investment pieces: a sultry green Michael Kors keyhole maillot with gold hardware, a divine cotton mini shirtdress with trench styling and a drop-waist, and an amazing tan linen swing jacket by Mac & Jac which i completely fell in love with and finally decided to whisk away with me despite the “sale” price of $60 (i heart birthdays). it’s just one of those pieces that you know you’ll still love in 6 years, something that could class up the laziest of outfits and make you feel like audrey every time you throw it on. i also grabbed a cotton pinstriped pinafore top and a pair of aviators. and then we raided payless shoes for sandals.

so here we are being silly downtown on the most temperate and beautiful birthnight a pair could ask for…

here’s what we’re wearing:

on amber ( i decided to go strawberry blonde with brunette lowlights for my birthday. i rather like it, but now we look slightly less twinish)-

chiffon babydoll with geometric pattern, a gift from the mother-in-law.

brown nylon short shorts, army navy $15

eve’s Enzo flats, my $2 thrift store bracelet and $3 target necklace (once again)

on eve

blue tunic and cropped jeans, nordstrom rack, a gift from mum (under $30 for both)

paisley 70’s stewardess scarf worn on head, thrift store 50 cents

my steve madden peeptoe flats, $26

on both – handmade person pins, Niece Sophia originals, priceless.

our birthday may be over, but the party has just begun. we can’t WAIT to get to the coast. it’s hot in the valley!