Eve’s Knicker Picker

Eve’s Knicker Picker

What is it with elaborate lingerie?

I don’t care if you’re Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen, nobody looks good in cheap velour or scratchy lace (although the helmet is totally HOT).

Hell, I’d take duct tape over that.

Now this is super hot, nobody can argue with that, but this was definitely designed by a virgin, because that delicate lace will rip at any sign of heavy breathing and for $1549, you could buy yourself a couple sessions with a sex therapist.

My hubby enjoys simplicity. A pair of boyshorts with a sheer tanktop is his cup-o-tea.

And I’d have to agree. Cozy, comfy, and durable is all I need.

Case in point:

(Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation )

But I’ve got a little hippie in me. Why not channel your power animal from your nether regions?

Or if you want something a bit more feminine, check out Etsy:

At least you know that these handmade beauties won’t crumble under a bit of horseplay, no?

H-O-T to trot.


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