Haand Them Over

Haand Them Over

Loafers are the new flat. I love loafers! So hot with knee highs and a skirt, so coy with capris, so geek chic with skinny jeans. And now I am the proud owner of a pair of vintage Cole Haans! Check it:


I found these at the thrift store for $3.99.

I pictured the previous owner as being a Diane-Keaton type. She had a loafer addiction and decided to leave her plumber husband to run off with her accountant to Fiji and write her first novel. She only had time to grab her Enzos and her Coaches before her flight (Besides, she’d worn them on their honeymoon to Paris back in ’84). Her husband couldn’t look at them and tossed them onto a thrift store parking lot on his way to an AA meeting.

(All prices include shipping)
Crocodile penny loafer $24.99

Coach Sig. Driving Shoe $74.87

Miraculously, Eve, who was about to turn 3o, had been wanting to feel classic and luxurious but was also broke. Her feet happened to be the same size and have the same contours as Diane’s. So the Cole Haans and Eve lived together, through beaches and brewfests, happily ever after.

White Driving Mules, $31.49

I just feel so hip in these, I don’t care that people will say, “Haha, I had a pair of those in high school. I used to wear them with my paisley vest and my bunchy sox…with my jeans tucked in!!!”

Happy Birthday to me!

7 comments to Haand Them Over

  • Well I thought about getting a pair. I love the first ones, they seem so comfortable!
    Indeed, happy B-day to you!

  • Lynne

    Woot, successful treasure hunting! Thrift stores totally rock!

  • I think if you could pull this off then more power to you. Congrats on your find.

  • Danie

    I agree with Jessica, if you can pull off loafers.. then rock on, girl, rock on.

    I, however can not.

    Although, I do wish I could rock pair of penny loafers-complete with pennies.

    Happy b-day..

    Congrats on the awesome find.

  • Mindy

    you ask where indiecultvintage get these clothes – on ebay!! she has several different ebay user names and buys these dresses for around $5-$10, little boy’s black leather jackets for $15 and sells them to you fools who pay so much. she is an attorney and laughs all the way to the bank at you fools.

  • Hello, just doing some browsing for my Cole Haan website. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but cool site. Have a nice day.

  • The coach Signature driving shoe is awesome like to have a pair…

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