hip hunting for mother’s day street style

our beautiful older sister is a fantastic mother and chic as all getout. lookit!

handmade couture crepe hat, beaded necklace and sparkley pin (made by tiny child-sized hands, but not in a sweatshop)
silk headscarf, the perfect colour for her gorgeous pale skin
white trapeze top, complete with handpainted grape jelly stain, a great compliment to the scarf and belt
purple sequined elastic belt (i’m pretty sure this is the same belt i wore to my first concert which was, eek, They Might Be Giants).
those straight leg jeans are such a great colour, wash and fit for her amazing figure!
sweet knotted wedges, probably from Payless. she always finds the best styles there.


Never was fashion this important in men’s shoes, ever since prada shoes as well as gucci shoes introduced their lines.