i’m taking turning 30 as a dare.

we’ve been loving all your comments this week, but we hope you’ll all bear with some rather meager postings next week…

mine and Eve’s birthday is on wednesday so the hubby and i are taking the dog on a (what, what?) ROADTRIP! woohoo!
we’re staying in portland, or the first night, and then on down to stay with eve and her hunny in california (it’s right back where i started from). after a day of shopping for birthday presents with mum (who taught us everything we know), we’re heading over to the coast for some bbq-keg-beach camping with a big group of friends! after another night of beach camping in oregon, i’ll be back posting with a vengeance next month. it’s going to be madness. about 2,500 miles all told. expect to see lots of check me outs of new birthday outfits (no, not nudity, you perv)!

beach party

Thirties, you’re not approaching. you’re not waiting in the corner, ready to pounce. i’m clawing my way into you on my terms.
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