Naked Lady Party: Like an all-girl pillow fight minus the pillows.

My dear friend Angie threw a naked lady party the other night, have you guys ever BEEN to one of these? SUCH a great idea. Unfortunately, my arms were so full of bags of clothes and shoes when I left my house that I completely forgot my camera to document this frantic and ecstatic event.

Basically, what a Naked Lady Party consists of is a bunch of ladies bringing their old clothes, shoes and jewelery to the party and swapping with their friends (that is if you consider a bunch of half-dressed, inebriated girls, “ladies” and the process of flinging mounds of clothes all over the place whilst giggling and squealing, “swapping”). Well, I tell you what, even if it was just sitting around awkwardly and civilized (aka., baby shower), it would be worth it because I SCORED hardcore on Friday night! I must thank my mother for my quick snatch skills, as she birthed my 4 siblings.

Here are some of my favorites:


Tank top with buttons (Forever 21): FREE

Silk 3/4 sleeve turtleneck (Ann Taylor): $0

Corduroy a-line skirt (Zinc): a hay penny

Military zip-up (Stussy!): a few brain cells


Red button-up with mandarin collar (Vintage): years of searching

Sleeveless print top (Sele): $$$

Grey hoodie with tiny stars (Forever 21): Nada

The coolest thing about a Naked Lady Party is that you don’t feel as guilty getting rid of some of your cuter stuff that you just can’t bear to give to some anonymous, nameless face. Instead you are giving them to your friends, seeing them look radiant in them, and with the other eye, scoping out their pile of treasures. AND, you’re saving the environment and a few little sweatshop hands.

Everybody get NAKED!