check us out: inspired by accessories

check us out: inspired by accessories

i’m in california still, i fly home tomorrow. we had a pretty good weekend in SoCal, considering we ended up catering my brother’s 150 person wedding reception w/ only 2 other people to help out at the last minute, but miraculously it all turned out ok. so today, poor Eve’s back to work and i’m just relaxing in the sun, de-stressing and making the most of it. nevertheless, we were feeling a bit uninspired on account of major, stress/heat/traffic/travel burnout, so eve and i played dress-up for her friend’s birthday party with a couple of great accessories that she hadn’t worn yet. a beautiful striped pageboy hat and an amazing stripey silk scarf. so we decided to combine my suitcase and her wardrobe and put them to use. it’s fun to find your inspiration via great accessories and see what you come up with.



on Eve:

eve’s beautiful striped pageboy hat, a gift from a friend

eve’s black tissue t-shirt from Target, $10

my most beloved wool sailor shorts, $7

my 9 West bronze rope sandals from Winner’s $38


on Amber:

eve’s stripey silk scarf, $2 thrift store

eve’s blue tunic, $12, Nordstrom Rack

short shorts, $15 (i think i changed into eve’s white linen ones before we left)

my vintage leather filigree huarache oxfords, $7 Value Village




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