T-shirt Delerium

T-shirt Delerium

I found this website called www.uneetee.com. They take artist’s submissions and members vote on their favorites. The winners get their art made into a T-shirt (American Apparel) and get featured for 24 hours. All shirts are less than $20 ($4.99 S&H)! They are all short runs (except for a few that get picked by the Uneetee team) so you can probably calculate the probability that you will run into someone wearing the same shirt anywhere (Geeks: these are perfect replacements for your electric sheep shirts). Here are some of my favorites:

Artist: Tan Wei Hau

Artist: Budi Satria Kwan

Artist:Dina Prasetyawan

Vote for:



American Apparel shirts are so soft and comfy and they last forever. They are definitely part of my weekend uniform. I am a total sucker for unique tees because they are a way to look stylish when you feel uninspired or just lazy. And these days I feel like that a lot!

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