where were you in ‘92? – say hello again to the era we all thought was out of fashion forever

i’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in street fashion lately. at first an ironic lean toward Day-glo and splash-tack-ular prints, the early 90’s is now emerging in an explosion of earnest, gloriously clashing, epileptic chic.

japanese street wear

god help us, hell froze over and the early 90’s are making a comeback. it was my most hated era, not only because of hammer pants, hypercolor and Aquanet, but because i was a skinny, awkward small-towner who’d just moved to a big city, just beginning the hell some people like to call junior high. thank jeebus for a twin sister through those dark, flourescent-coloured times.

perhaps it’s time to face my preteen fears and embrace this era. maybe it won’t be so painful this time around. but only because M.I.A. (in case of epilepsy, do not click) says so. and M.I.A. will always have her say in my book.


not so convinced? i dare you to watch this video and not want to dance your way to the nearest thrift store to buy yourself a pair of red zebra-striped overalls.

PS thanks for your patience last week. i’m finally home for a while and i’ve got a brand new macbook (thanks, Carlo! i love you!) to help me keep up with your wild demands for my mind-bullets of fashion insight.