hazardous runways (aka: models eating it)

hazardous runways (aka: models eating it)

nothing makes me feel better on a rainy day than watching The Perfect Ones eat runway. repeatedly and thoroughly. but seriously though, modelling is HARD. here’s a great video of the entertaining humiliation from my favorite canadian fashion reporter, Jeanne Beker and her show, FT Fashion Television!

well, i shouldn’t say NOTHING makes me feel better than model humiliation. a good DISCOUNT is right up there:

the gorgeous Fabricio over there at Waterloo is offering all of you beautiful hipsters a 10% discount (coupon code: PAINFULLYHIP) AND a buy 3, get one FREE offer on his badass t-shirts and shortshorts! Hallelujah!

i’m loving these Pet Sounds shorts:
pet sounds shorts

now if only it’d stop raining…

also, happy birthday to ambika! everybody take advantage of her new age AND her talent by purchasing her already sensationally-priced pretty things on Etsy for 15% off (today only) with coupon code BIRTHDAY!

ah! i think i see a sucker hole forming in the sky already!

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