tag, i’m it. and a bag of chips.

we fashion bloggers are a playful bunch. we giggle and spam, chortle and comment, chuckle and trade links. and now we play virtual tag. wednesday i was tagged by Shopalicious and yesterday by PinkRockCandy. so at the risk of being a virtual party pooper, i better choke up 7 extremely boring personal facts about myself. enjoy.

1. i work part time at a sound studio for tv and film. they call vancouver “hollywood north,” but its more of a mecca for bad movies. i’m sure a few great movies have been made here, but besides the Neverending Story, i can’t think of one. it’s a fun job, especially when i get to meet famous people. since i’ve worked here i’ve crossed paths with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Nora Jones, Evangeline Lilly, Pam Grier, Sarah McLaughlan, Jennifer Beal, Peter Greenaway and Douglas Coupland, to name a few. i started here a week or two after Chloe Sevigny came in. my one true regret in life.

2. i get mad crushes on the most random celebs. Brad Pitt? meh. Clooney? blah. in junior high i was completely mad over Robert Sean Leonard who i’m pretty sure is gay. Eve and i later ended up meeting him at an off-broadway venue in NY when we were 17 and i nearly lost my shit. after that it was Tim Roth, a hawk-nosed badass brit who mostly plays creepy assholes. right now my absolute favorite actors are Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John C. Reilly. LOVE THEM. more than anyone else (oh except for Gael Garcia Bernal, i do have a sex drive after all), if they walked into my work, i would probably pee myself. ok, take out the probably and replace it with MOST DEFINITELY. guess i just have a thing for really good acting.

3. including Eve and 2 step-siblings, i have 6 brothers and sisters. needless to say, i know how to pinch my way out of a chokehold, but i will lose in a tickle fight every time. btw, my older sister Summer has an awesome parenting blog! check it out for adorable photos of cute kids doing good deeds!

4. i ain’t afraid of no creepy-crawlies. i love frogs most of all, snakes are wicked, mice are adorable and spiders eat up all those damn mosquitos. when Eve and i were in jr. high, our science teacher got us to scrape the rotting snakeflesh off the bones of a dead 8 foot burmese python. we did it and were paid generously in pizza.

5. yoga is my favorite. i’m lazy as a bump on a toad when it comes to exercise, but i adore a good yoga class. i was always a completely unflexible klutz up until last year, but now i can touch my nose to my knees and do full upward bow like no-buddha’s business. still klutzy though.

upward bow pose

6. i’m a complete music and movie geek. i will watch movies and listen to music all day long if i could. my favorite movie of all time is Magnolia and i’d name off a long list of all my favorite directors if it wouldn’t bore you to tears. i discover new music that i love on an almost a daily basis. right now my iTunes playlist is consisting of a lot of Jeff Tweedy, Grizzly Bear, Chad VanGaalen, Odetta, Otis Redding and Vetiver.

7. i’m pretty good at cutting hair. i cut hair for my friends, my siblings, my parents and myself. it all started when i wanted a pixie cut when i was 15 and no matter where i went, nobody would cut it as short as i wanted. they just kept giving me shorter and shorter bowl cuts. so i took matters into my own hands.

mia farrow haircut

my 7 tagees are: art of the steal, (into) the fray, stylesightings, kingdom of style, life in a venti cup, design toaster and candid cool. you guys rock!

(photos from catwalkqueen.tv and imdb.com)