thrift stars of the week! (my pix from wardrobe remix)

thrift stars of the week! (my pix from wardrobe remix)

wardrobe remix was TOTALLY ON this week! i’ll have you know that i had a really hard time whittling away at the superstyle surplus, but here goes…

hipgirl b/w
dear boboniaa, you are way too adorable and you need to stop. you’re a roaring 21st century flapper!

va-va-vacious! you can take your farrah hair over there and stop making the rest of us look frumpy.

you’re a painfully hip demi moore. c’mon, you light saint elmo’s fire.

again, sherbet tone is a thrift star every week. this girl knows how to dress herself. schooled!

an adorable embroidered blue nightie shortened and worn with grey knee socks and red t-strap sandals. ’nuff said.

lovely. the coveted does it again. i covet her jeans. i covet her top. i covet her melodramatic pose.

MIA style reprezent!! i adore this tack-tacular texmex print on such a delicate beauty.

i wish i’d done something with my life in the last couple weeks like handsew myself a yellow damask print sundress.

lovers unite! is now a thrift stars regular. i’m sure you know why. it has a little something to do with cuteness overdose.

this is an amazing teal romper with a crochet insert. again. ’nuff said.

leibemarlene haunts my mouse. this is the best mexican tent dress i’ve ever seen. or predicted.

oh glee! purple and green and shiny black fringe!

so lovely! the happy hippie and some celestial lighting. how long did it take to set up this shot? also? i’m having a shoegasm right about now.

cosby cardigan
i’ve sung the praises of the oversized cardigan. this is a cosby cardigan and it’s sexy.
checker vans
i’ve never been a checkered vans fan. but this photo makes them seem like the new chuck. classic.
a gorgeous vintage LBD with a shamelessly lovely colorful decor. i want to buy that exact dress right off her back.

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10 comments to thrift stars of the week! (my pix from wardrobe remix)

  • Love the photos, esp. the oversize cardigan w/ white sundress!

    On another note, you’ve been tagged!
    I was asked to tag 7 bloggers to share info about themselves with their readers. Check out Shopalicious for details.


  • Lynne

    Big baggy cardigan lust attack! A detour to the thrifts today is in order.

  • bee

    thanks for including me with these lovely ladies!

  • ooohhh thank you so much for including me on this post!

    i also really love your other choices, the cardigan is really sticking in my mind. but then again, i have a thing for cardis.

    ; )

  • me

    if i actually wore dresses

    i’d so buy those.

  • Hey, you’ve been tagged!

    I was tagged by Chanel from Hip Candy, and asked to share some facts about themselves, and then tag 7 other bloggers to share info about themselves with their readers. Check out Pink Rock Candy for more details!

    p.s. I always think about how airy dresses are, and then it reminds me of when my guy friend dressed up as a girl for halloween and he was talking about the merits of having a nice breeze down there. Hilarious!!!

  • kallirhoe

    wheee, I’m a thrift star:) Thank you for including me!

  • Wowie! I feel honored! Amazing choices this week. The yellow damask sundress is too cute!

  • Purba Negoro

    Intellectually bereft
    Anti cultural
    All superb and most apt adjectives for this current generation of retards enraptured by the glimmer of fifteen minutes of fame.
    This generation is empirically proven to be the most superficial, feel-goodist, vain and outright stupid in all history- my consolation is my death shall precede you twits inherit this earth.
    You should all be ashamed. And for damned good reason too. You are so pathetic compared to your great grandparents.

  • slapp2000

    @ Purba Negoro Get a life you sad moron, you’ve already been banned from several blogs for using disgusting language and sexual innuendoes towards women, get some help!

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