Who Needs a Big Fat Syringe Full of Confidence?

Everybody knows about airbrushing and photoshopping, yet everyone is still attempting to attain that idealized self. Well, us painfully hipsters refuse to allow the capitalistic machine tell us what to think. We all know what Faith Hill really looks like:


Now there’s plenty to be jealous of here: her beautiful smile, her lovely skin tone, her sparkling eyes, but you feel like you could wear a bikini around her and still make eye contact with people in the room. She could be someone we know. She looks great, for a human.

Planethiltron.com decided to do the reverse and photoshop celebrities into real people. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pam Anderson

The other twins

Anna Wintour

Kiera Knightly

Angelina Jolie

You may want to bookmark this post for the next time you look into the full-length and say anything but, “I am the hottest bitch I know.”

And here’s to you, capitalism:

Ann Coulter

She must own stock in pewter claws.