your daily eye candy: natasa vojnovic for pucci

your daily eye candy: natasa vojnovic for pucci

although i would’ve preferred a slightly quirkier (aka, more editorial ) model, i’m pretty sure this photo spread cures cancer…


…and now, i’m going to go win the lottery.

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  • Lynne

    Bonbons and petit fours indeed! The prints are such lusciousness! Those orange tights in the bottom pic are sweet enough to TASTE against that fabric!

    Crazy, but I just rolled home from a thrift run, and among my purchases was a dress whose print is really similar to pic #3. I loved the colors, but wasn’t sure wrt the style on me, and was wondering if I should have dropped $5 on it. Now I feel vindicated. There’s always my trusty sewing machine, I could make a cute tunic of it.

  • Eli

    Pucci will have a campaign? Thats more shocking. I guess Matthew williamson really is doing a total turnaround. This also only means it will be so much more expensive for me to ever get anything pucci on ebay.

  • I’m not sure, the model looks pretty commercial to me, rather than model like, and although it seems to start off well, I’m not so keen on the pictures towards the end.

    Kind of edging on tackiness for me, I mean the clothes look a little high street.

    S xx

  • you’re right, Stevie, i also didn’t like how commercial the model is, especially considering the over-the-top opulence of the shoot. i think i would’ve used an iekelene stange or an irina to contrast a bit.

    and yes, i included those last 2 less impressive photos for the purpose of entirety, that’s why they’re at the end. but i loove the color story!

  • i adore pucci patterns. so optimistic, so ‘summers in capri’ – what’s not to love?

    i agree, though, it would have been more fun to see a more editorial version of these images

  • i think you hit the nail on the head with the styling of the photos. I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous fabrics in contrast to the fun surroundings. gorgeous. and let’s be fair, the model is stunning!

  • I like so much the composition of the photos and the combination of colors. just a beautiful work.

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