Month: August 2007

oh goodness me. if we rock any harder we’re going to be sea-sick!

Rockin' Girl Bloggers we’ve been tagged as Rockin’ Girl Bloggers again by Susie at Style Bubble (!!) and Beth at The Vintage Society! Like WOAH. I am overwhelmingly honoured by the tsunami of virtual love and admiration. Thanks 5 million!!
that means i get to nominate at least 5 more wicked blogs…

see dorkas run – we love you!
Mad Glam – Canadian girls rock! i’ve seen bumper stickers that prove it.
Izzy & Leah at MTL Street – one of my absolute favorite streetstyle blogs. Izzy, you’re taking me thrifting when i come east. that’s just the way it’s gon’ be.
Gnarlitude – for your daily dose of wicked rock chic
Stylesightings – i want Ashley to be my new best friend

So Eve and I are meeting halfway between Vancouver and Sacramento with friends from Chicago (and Portland) for a quad-city reunion of sorts in beautiful Portland, Oregon for the Labia Day Weekend so we won’t be posting again till Tuesday. I won’t apologize because you should get off the computer and get the hell outside! Summer doesn’t last forever, you know. Jeez.


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thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 28 Aug 07

holy shitgiggles! wardrobe remix is getting a little unruly with its excessive adorableness. it took me hours to whittle away at it and these are the cream off the top. nice work, kidlings. i usually try to keep the numbers to around a dozen, but it was just TOO GOOD and i ended up with a few extry. (click the photos to go to the flickr page and see where everything’s from)

this is practically one step above a potato sack but i’m totally green with envy and vaguely aroused.

i suddenly have the massive urge to be reincarnated as a giraffe. and also to break into her kitchen to pilage all her canisters.

i believe the oversized geek glasses and hat totally make this outfit. ouch.

green and red
glasses match skirt, shirt matches shoes and they all make love in the most glorious manner.

am i allowed to post wee tiny british lasses? adorable! most people will never acquire this much style instinct in a lifetime.

tent top
can you believe le petit got this top at old freaking navy?? it was genius to “excessorize” it with 3 large necklaces.

how can something this cheerful make me want to just kill myself?

there’s something completely irresistable about a boy in a cardigan and sockless chucks. yum.


this is midwest jess‘s best dress yet! and that hat is ALL that.

gingham tube
haaaaaaawt. like. stupidly hot.

this might seem a bit too “hairspray” until you get to the ankle boots, et voila. parfait. what a perdy girl.

sailor girl
um. cuteness. overload. look at those wicked skates!

houndstooth pants
Nicollette Von Ghoul is head-achingly adorable. i love the houndstooth pants with that top!

omg, it’s juju of the amazing band park avenue! we ran in the same crowds in high school and i haven’t seen her in years till now! she looks absolutely adorable in yellow. peter pan collars are my favorite!

the snail and the cyclops has the world’s best collection of ankle boots. the best vest in the world is on her shoulders, i hope she realizes the responsibility this entails.

mixed prints
it’s a joyous extravaganza of an outfit! this garden needs no flowers.

it’s cheek squeezing time! this is elektrikb‘s birthday outfit and i just want to die from the cuteness.

lebonbonmulticolore is always so freaking perfect head to toe. she and elektrikb run MTL STREET together. i dunno about you, but i think they’re very very qualified.

Wilco: Journey into the Greek Theatre with an Anchor Steam and a Camera


It was my buddy Steve’s (pictured) birthday and he wanted to see Wilco. I was thinking it was going to be in the 70s in Berkeley so I wore this.

Top: Charlotte Russe like 4 years ago: $19

Cropped and buttoned jeans: Nordstrom Rack on my birthday: $16

Woven brogues: Thrift Town $4

Teal beret: Sac’s Thrift Avenue $2

Sunglasses: Target $12

(Oh in case you’re wondering, Steve’s t-shirt says, “Guns don’t kill people, people with mustaches kill people. Steve swears that he got more looks when he had a mustache. I say mustaches are so late 90’s europop.)


Knowing I should be prepared for a rogue cloud or cold front, I changed. Down vests! Perfect for the bay area, where the air is crisp and foggy, but not “cold”. Nobody saw my blossomed top. Except you guys.

Down vest: Sac’s Thrift Avenue $2

Favorite Tee: Gap outlet: $4.50

It was only an hour between when we got there and when the show started, so I didn’t get as many as I wanted, but here are a few of the painfullyhisters I saw:


SO cozy! Fleece and knit. Look at that bag!


Look at the pretty shawl! Cozy! I wanted you to see the guy-on-the-left’s shoes, but that hill was pretty steep so I was all topsy-turvey when I took the picture. Or maybe it was the Anchor Steam in the plastic bottles:



Shoes, bag, Heiney and a nice smile. Her boyfriend offered to move out of the shot but I liked his shoes too.


Blondie is ROCKING the oversized sweater and wide-legged jeans. And the lady on the left had really cute boots, I promise. That leather jacket is to die for. Is that Richard Grieco in the background?

Anyways, it was a great show.

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The most Painfully Hip Site of the Week

it is appropriate that this week’s site review was written in a 3am insomniatic fit as it is the probably the most dreamlike real life blog i have experienced. there are very few corners of the web i feel i can go to for true inspiration. the moldy doily is one of those precious veins of digital nectar.

“When I was little I liked to write plays and puppet shows, creating all the different characters. I would daydream about the beautiful dresses I wanted to clothe my fantasy characters in. I then learned I could paint the clothes I would never actually touch. The things I daydream are still the same… floating feminine fantasies, x-ray vision, magazine pages freeze-framed, tea parties, voyeurism, stolen words from overheard conversations, tear-drop Lolitas,ghosts, decomposing wallpaper flowers, merging fiction and reality, the eyes of vacant models, and the murmur of tiny stuffed animal clusters.”

kime is a painfully talented artist who writes beautifully about what inspires her, includes consistenly stunning photos and is an amazing photographer herself. the party photos of her millions of ridiculously stylish friends will make you feel like you’re in the great gatsby. oh and just forget about her paintings and clothes. they’re the sorts of things that will just send you into a pleasure coma:


she’s also extremely accomplished:

“Kime Buzzelli who are you?
I’m a painter-clothing maker, shop owner. My art has been published in books such as Fashion Illustration Next by Laird Borrelli- Vintage L.A. due out this spring. I have done illustrations for magazines such as Lula (UK), Bust, PAPER, W, Front Desk, Juxtapoz, and BPM. I create clothes- that have been featured in Elle, Venus, Jalouse, W, Apparel News, WWD, PAPER, Visionaire- and more…”

it makes me simultaneously want to either manicly create or give up completely. her artwork reminds me so much of my most favorite fashion illustrator, julie verhoeven (i hope she doesn’t tire of the comparison). my envy of her talent and lifestyle might lead me to madness, were it not that she is such a seemingly pure soul and a real person (she gave Superbad a thumbs up!). i loved this post about how she met her dreamy boyfriend, as if in a movie.

but really, i need to stop talking now. see fer yerself (i very much hope she doesn’t mind my pirating her precious images but i just can’t say enough). that’s her on the left:
crafty girls
fayette hauser
30s dress
red shoes


oh and i don’t believe i mentioned the best part. the best part is that she has an etsy store!!

so, Kime Buzzelli of the Moldy Doily? i dub thee as painfully hip as my hero Louise Brooks because you appear to share my obsession with all things roaring…


forever and ever. amen.

wooly knees for me, please (or, taking the summer to fall transition slowly)

i’m trying really hard to look on the bright side of the end of summer (i’m still hoping for an unseasonably hot september since i feel like i’ve been completely cheated out of summer), but apparently nobody liked my crazy mixed print fall 07 runway-inspired outfit, because i didn’t get a single comment on it! but i for one, thought it was just to die for and have been thinking about those wooly over-the-knee-socks with those chunky T-strap sandals for fall ever since. then i saw this outfit on StyleBytes:


and the craving returned four-fold. i can still wear the pantloads of minidresses i’ve accrued over this summer into the parts of the 8 months of winter we have here! a small consolation.

another cheat i’d like to try out this year is short sleeved coats with elbow length gloves! i love the idea of not having to wear long sleeves every single day and a change-up of the usual boring silhouettes is exactly what i need to get myself through all that grey…

fashion is nothing without art: Ruben Toledo for Nordstrom

as an art school dropout and graphic designer, i’m always going out of my mind for wicked fashion ads which incorporate quality fashion illustrations. to me, a good fashion illustration will make clothes look even more ethereal and wondrous than any model could ever attempt. i’m talking about the latest issue of Vogue‘s 16 page spread of stunning works by Cuban artist, Ruben Toledo for Nordstrom featuring Andrew Gn, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin, Vera Wang, Missoni, Burberry Prorsum (with an adorable likeness of Agyness Deyn), Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Peter Som, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Valentino, and Christian Louboutin. i bought the 840 page bible and never got past the fiftieth page! look at these!!!


literally stunning. i’m sorry my scanner is on the fritz so i was forced to use a camera which, in combination with the reflective metallic silver paper they were printed on, made it very difficult to capture the detail and did them no justice. but i couldn’t resist prettying up my precious blog with their (albeit, overexposed) splendour. bask, ladies, bask. or even better, pick up the (biggest EVER) September issue. it’s worth the $5 on account of the ginormousness.

thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 21 Aug 07

green shoes
this is lovely sioux-san. i love the cuffed skinny jeans! everything about this is so comfy, chic and easy.

plaid wiggle
cigarettesandspeed is so hot in this plaid wiggle dress! it looks like it was made for her!

stripe skirt
gorgeous chubby face looks amazing striped skirt and pink cardi. unlike the high-waisted jean (which makes me look like i have front-butt just because i happen to like the taste of beer…), the high-waisted skirt is everyone’s best friend as it nips in your waist and hides any tummy paunch you may or may not be stowing. she looks like a perfect hourglass.

here’s pretty pretty sioux-san again. i love the haircut eve gave me, but after seeing this photo, i’m definitely “longing” for long hair so i can pull off a metallic hippie headband.

60s playsuit
sherbet tone, probably my favorite regular remixer, is just gorgeous. gah… seriously.

i love that t-shirt. especially with those red shoes. lady liz marie obviously rocks.

b and w
adorable little pixie mbibelot transforms into a sexy office nymph with this DIY jumper inspired by none other than sherbet tone.

red accent dress
killer bee sting is so fucking killer in this dress i can’t even handle it. also, her blog‘s masthead is the hippest i’ve seen in a loooong time.

i would go on and on about Quasartwin‘s DIY silkscreened tunic combined with that thrifted MISSONI cardi, but i’m too busy being jealous.

do you like paul verlaine? is all like, “i got looking this hot in about 3 minutes. smell ya later, i’ma be out breakin’ some hearts.”

i always get wildly jealous when i see a girl with strawberry blonde curls. i love this puff sleeve mock layered over stripes!

the coveted is just amazing. iwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoes…

(quick note: i keep running into articles about how a lot of streetwear blogs, just like runways and fashion magazines, are sadly lacking in photos of girls who aren’t a size 0. this annoys me because i, like 90% of the population, am not a size 0 and i don’t ever plan to be. i think boobs, bellies and hips are totally hot and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone. so i very much enjoy including photos of sexy curves in my streetwear posts so that girls like me can learn how hot we can look in clothes. we exist in our clothes and we wear them, rather than the opposite. that is all.)

holy #$%@! vancouver is getting an H&M!!

hallelujah and thank jeebus. my life is complete. starting wednesday, i can start shopping at H&M! the last time i was there was in 1998 in Paris (i’ve never managed to get to the one in SF) and i swear i still wear the clothes i bought there! i have this amazing 3/4 length tweed peacoat that i bought at a location in Belgium for $40 that still looks awesome. i hope the quality and prices are still as wicked as they were then. if their website wasn’t complete ass i would’ve done a post about all the things i would be getting there to make you jealous. i will spare you, this time.
(love the Edie Sedgewick haircut!)

PS sorry about the shortness of post today, i got called into work this morning and things are a bit manic. also, i’m going to an outdoor Wilco concert in the rain tonight. this summer has been so half-assed.

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happy weekendtimes!

i’m off to Whistler for the weekend for a bachelorette party! i swear Whistler is the Bachelorette Capitol of British Columbia. apparently the bride is going to be dressed as a slutty bride and the rest of us are dressing as her “grooms” in short black dresses w/ chippendales cuffs and collars. i expect utter hilarity. i’ll try to get a decent photo. Eve and i will be drunk dialing each other as she is also on a girls’ night out tonight.

Also, thanks Kori at the Fashion-y blog for dubbing Eve and I:

rockin' girl bloggers

we really do tend to rock a lot. seriously though, Kori has a great blog and i’m honored.
i don’t have time to check on who has and hasn’t been dubbed as the girls are late picking me up, but i think these girls rock hardcore:

fashion by bowie
if you can’t think of anything nice to say
my love for you

have a great weekend!

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SCORE: A Direct Hit. Thrift Town Haul of the Century. Total Damage: $40

Yesterday morning I played a bit of hookey and my hubby and I and booked it over to Thrift Town for some treasure hunting. This place is definitely ghetto, but correct me if I’m wrong, the south side is the BEST place to go thrift store shopping in almost any city, am I right???

Tip: go thrift store shopping on a weekday, when the tag sales are the best, and find out what days they restock. This Thursday, it was 30% off all clothing in the store AND 50% off everything with a pink tag.

Somebody please pinch me, this is the greatest haul ever!


Clockwise from left:

Ann Taylor Sandals: $5

Taupe moccasins with T-strap from Germany:$2

Black woven brogues: $4

Adorable Tuquoise 60’s Pinwheels tennis shoes: $2

Black Oxfords: $4 (50% off!)

There was actually a break-in the night before and they smashed the jewelery case (Like I said, crack town). They managed to sneak off without these beauties:


80’s futuristic pewter earrings: $0.99 (50% off!)

Handmade silver eagle earrings: $3

As Amber says, “Things are looking up!” I HOPE that this is just the beginning of a string of good luck. I just had a job interview today:


I got the top at Thrift Town yesterday too. $4! Also a nautical cap sleeve striped tee and an Ann Taylor skirt with red boat schematics all over it.

Danny didn’t find anything. EXCEPT FOR 2 LACOSTE PULLOVERS FOR $3 EACH! He got one for himself and our friend-who-knows-a-good-thing-when-she-sees-it, Kaar-kaar.

They are like two peas in a pod, or two cuties on a rainy tennis court:


So then I got home, and discovered a beautifully amorphous package on my doorstep. Michelle from Lady Language had sent me some samples to thank us for Amber’s post! (I’ll have to save those beauties for a future post.)

They say luck comes in threes…

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.