happy weekendtimes!

happy weekendtimes!

i’m off to Whistler for the weekend for a bachelorette party! i swear Whistler is the Bachelorette Capitol of British Columbia. apparently the bride is going to be dressed as a slutty bride and the rest of us are dressing as her “grooms” in short black dresses w/ chippendales cuffs and collars. i expect utter hilarity. i’ll try to get a decent photo. Eve and i will be drunk dialing each other as she is also on a girls’ night out tonight.

Also, thanks Kori at the Fashion-y blog for dubbing Eve and I:

rockin' girl bloggers

we really do tend to rock a lot. seriously though, Kori has a great blog and i’m honored.
i don’t have time to check on who has and hasn’t been dubbed as the girls are late picking me up, but i think these girls rock hardcore:

fashion by bowie
if you can’t think of anything nice to say
my love for you

have a great weekend!

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6 comments to happy weekendtimes!

  • Kat

    Whistler is the best place in the entire world. Seriously.
    Better when you can ski tho!

  • Lynne

    One of the Drs. I was in surgery with yesterday was in Whistler over the weekend–I described your party’s costumes and asked if he’d happened to see you all. He hadn’t, but described some other fun stuff that was going on. Sounds like a great place, hope you had fun!

  • Thank you so much for picking me ;-)
    I feel honoured, really ♥

  • Eeek! Thank you SO much, I will be putting this up on my blog straight away.

  • Jeez loueez, I feel like I’m singing into the wind. Canadian girl rocking bloggers.

  • This particular blog is really interesting and amusing. I have picked up many interesting tips out of this blog. I’d love to go back every once in a while. Thanks!

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