holy #$%@! vancouver is getting an H&M!!

holy #$%@! vancouver is getting an H&M!!

hallelujah and thank jeebus. my life is complete. starting wednesday, i can start shopping at H&M! the last time i was there was in 1998 in Paris (i’ve never managed to get to the one in SF) and i swear i still wear the clothes i bought there! i have this amazing 3/4 length tweed peacoat that i bought at a location in Belgium for $40 that still looks awesome. i hope the quality and prices are still as wicked as they were then. if their website wasn’t complete ass i would’ve done a post about all the things i would be getting there to make you jealous. i will spare you, this time.
(love the Edie Sedgewick haircut!)

PS sorry about the shortness of post today, i got called into work this morning and things are a bit manic. also, i’m going to an outdoor Wilco concert in the rain tonight. this summer has been so half-assed.

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9 comments to holy #$%@! vancouver is getting an H&M!!

  • Yep the prices still rock. Quality depends, but generally its great. We have two in my area now. When the first one came I had never been before. Now, I think at least half of my clothes are from there!


  • Lynne

    Sounds too good to be true! (languishing in the bosom of midwest farmingdom). My only hope is a weekend trip to Chicago, tentatively late Sept. or early Oct., as my calendar dictates. Please show any must-haves and deals to look for! Enjoy!

  • AP

    The prices are still good, but the quality is questionable a lot of the time. The clothing tends to look better in photographs or on the racks!

  • Cait

    Lucky you! Ottawa’s still waiting for one…and will probably wait forever.
    I think prices have gone up, at least compared to the late 90s when they were just starting out in Europe, and had absolutely rock bottom prices. Still pretty cheap altogether though.
    As for quality, the really bad stuff is easy to pick out, and just be forewarned that tops will shrink a bit even if you never let them near a dryer.

  • So happy for you! Gotta love H&M. :6)

  • Yay for you! LA just got their first H&M last year. People waited 24 hours just to get in (not me, mind you). I find the quality hit and miss but when you do find something good, it’s a treasure. They do have the best coats! And yes, their website is complete ass.

  • bee

    who is that? its freja in the back, right? but i dont recognize the blond model.

    re: h&m — i didnt go there for a few yrs (wasnt one in the city i moved to at first), and i noticed that the prices did go up. they had cool stuff tho — quality may not be the best, but the stuff *looked* cool.

  • Bee:
    That’s totally Anja Rubik! she looks so awesome with the new haircut. i love it!

  • I don’t know whether or not I’m excited. For one, it’s all the way out in the middle of nowhere (ie Coquitlam) and I don’t have a car. Two, when I was at the H&M stateside in January I wasn’t impressed at all with the quality or the cut of the clothing, nor was I blown away by the prices. I’ll probably go out at least once to have a look, but I’m not making it a priority.

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