holy #$%@! vancouver is getting an H&M!!

hallelujah and thank jeebus. my life is complete. starting wednesday, i can start shopping at H&M! the last time i was there was in 1998 in Paris (i’ve never managed to get to the one in SF) and i swear i still wear the clothes i bought there! i have this amazing 3/4 length tweed peacoat that i bought at a location in Belgium for $40 that still looks awesome. i hope the quality and prices are still as wicked as they were then. if their website wasn’t complete ass i would’ve done a post about all the things i would be getting there to make you jealous. i will spare you, this time.
(love the Edie Sedgewick haircut!)

PS sorry about the shortness of post today, i got called into work this morning and things are a bit manic. also, i’m going to an outdoor Wilco concert in the rain tonight. this summer has been so half-assed.

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