The most Painfully Hip Site of the Week

The most Painfully Hip Site of the Week

it is appropriate that this week’s site review was written in a 3am insomniatic fit as it is the probably the most dreamlike real life blog i have experienced. there are very few corners of the web i feel i can go to for true inspiration. the moldy doily is one of those precious veins of digital nectar.

“When I was little I liked to write plays and puppet shows, creating all the different characters. I would daydream about the beautiful dresses I wanted to clothe my fantasy characters in. I then learned I could paint the clothes I would never actually touch. The things I daydream are still the same… floating feminine fantasies, x-ray vision, magazine pages freeze-framed, tea parties, voyeurism, stolen words from overheard conversations, tear-drop Lolitas,ghosts, decomposing wallpaper flowers, merging fiction and reality, the eyes of vacant models, and the murmur of tiny stuffed animal clusters.”

kime is a painfully talented artist who writes beautifully about what inspires her, includes consistenly stunning photos and is an amazing photographer herself. the party photos of her millions of ridiculously stylish friends will make you feel like you’re in the great gatsby. oh and just forget about her paintings and clothes. they’re the sorts of things that will just send you into a pleasure coma:


she’s also extremely accomplished:

“Kime Buzzelli who are you?
I’m a painter-clothing maker, shop owner. My art has been published in books such as Fashion Illustration Next by Laird Borrelli- Vintage L.A. due out this spring. I have done illustrations for magazines such as Lula (UK), Bust, PAPER, W, Front Desk, Juxtapoz, and BPM. I create clothes- that have been featured in Elle, Venus, Jalouse, W, Apparel News, WWD, PAPER, Visionaire- and more…”

it makes me simultaneously want to either manicly create or give up completely. her artwork reminds me so much of my most favorite fashion illustrator, julie verhoeven (i hope she doesn’t tire of the comparison). my envy of her talent and lifestyle might lead me to madness, were it not that she is such a seemingly pure soul and a real person (she gave Superbad a thumbs up!). i loved this post about how she met her dreamy boyfriend, as if in a movie.

but really, i need to stop talking now. see fer yerself (i very much hope she doesn’t mind my pirating her precious images but i just can’t say enough). that’s her on the left:
crafty girls
fayette hauser
30s dress
red shoes


oh and i don’t believe i mentioned the best part. the best part is that she has an etsy store!!

so, Kime Buzzelli of the Moldy Doily? i dub thee as painfully hip as my hero Louise Brooks because you appear to share my obsession with all things roaring…


forever and ever. amen.

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