SCORE: A Direct Hit. Thrift Town Haul of the Century. Total Damage: $40

Yesterday morning I played a bit of hookey and my hubby and I and booked it over to Thrift Town for some treasure hunting. This place is definitely ghetto, but correct me if I’m wrong, the south side is the BEST place to go thrift store shopping in almost any city, am I right???

Tip: go thrift store shopping on a weekday, when the tag sales are the best, and find out what days they restock. This Thursday, it was 30% off all clothing in the store AND 50% off everything with a pink tag.

Somebody please pinch me, this is the greatest haul ever!


Clockwise from left:

Ann Taylor Sandals: $5

Taupe moccasins with T-strap from Germany:$2

Black woven brogues: $4

Adorable Tuquoise 60’s Pinwheels tennis shoes: $2

Black Oxfords: $4 (50% off!)

There was actually a break-in the night before and they smashed the jewelery case (Like I said, crack town). They managed to sneak off without these beauties:


80’s futuristic pewter earrings: $0.99 (50% off!)

Handmade silver eagle earrings: $3

As Amber says, “Things are looking up!” I HOPE that this is just the beginning of a string of good luck. I just had a job interview today:


I got the top at Thrift Town yesterday too. $4! Also a nautical cap sleeve striped tee and an Ann Taylor skirt with red boat schematics all over it.

Danny didn’t find anything. EXCEPT FOR 2 LACOSTE PULLOVERS FOR $3 EACH! He got one for himself and our friend-who-knows-a-good-thing-when-she-sees-it, Kaar-kaar.

They are like two peas in a pod, or two cuties on a rainy tennis court:


So then I got home, and discovered a beautifully amorphous package on my doorstep. Michelle from Lady Language had sent me some samples to thank us for Amber’s post! (I’ll have to save those beauties for a future post.)

They say luck comes in threes…

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.