thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 21 Aug 07

thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 21 Aug 07

green shoes
this is lovely sioux-san. i love the cuffed skinny jeans! everything about this is so comfy, chic and easy.

plaid wiggle
cigarettesandspeed is so hot in this plaid wiggle dress! it looks like it was made for her!

stripe skirt
gorgeous chubby face looks amazing striped skirt and pink cardi. unlike the high-waisted jean (which makes me look like i have front-butt just because i happen to like the taste of beer…), the high-waisted skirt is everyone’s best friend as it nips in your waist and hides any tummy paunch you may or may not be stowing. she looks like a perfect hourglass.

here’s pretty pretty sioux-san again. i love the haircut eve gave me, but after seeing this photo, i’m definitely “longing” for long hair so i can pull off a metallic hippie headband.

60s playsuit
sherbet tone, probably my favorite regular remixer, is just gorgeous. gah… seriously.

i love that t-shirt. especially with those red shoes. lady liz marie obviously rocks.

b and w
adorable little pixie mbibelot transforms into a sexy office nymph with this DIY jumper inspired by none other than sherbet tone.

red accent dress
killer bee sting is so fucking killer in this dress i can’t even handle it. also, her blog‘s masthead is the hippest i’ve seen in a loooong time.

i would go on and on about Quasartwin‘s DIY silkscreened tunic combined with that thrifted MISSONI cardi, but i’m too busy being jealous.

do you like paul verlaine? is all like, “i got looking this hot in about 3 minutes. smell ya later, i’ma be out breakin’ some hearts.”

i always get wildly jealous when i see a girl with strawberry blonde curls. i love this puff sleeve mock layered over stripes!

the coveted is just amazing. iwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoesiwantthoseshoes…

(quick note: i keep running into articles about how a lot of streetwear blogs, just like runways and fashion magazines, are sadly lacking in photos of girls who aren’t a size 0. this annoys me because i, like 90% of the population, am not a size 0 and i don’t ever plan to be. i think boobs, bellies and hips are totally hot and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone. so i very much enjoy including photos of sexy curves in my streetwear posts so that girls like me can learn how hot we can look in clothes. we exist in our clothes and we wear them, rather than the opposite. that is all.)

14 comments to thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 21 Aug 07

  • Valarie

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your website…I’m from a crappy town in texas and I had no Idea there were other people with the same fashion sense as me!….you have opened my eyes to a whole new world!! …I love yall for that and I think we should get married! j/k but really though…thanks for making me fell like I’m not alone im utterly hip!!

  • Love that you put links to all the girls. Thanks for always inspiring!

  • Lynne

    Wow, real hips! Real thighs, not sticks! Lovely, curvy, sexy women with unrepentant attitude! Vintage and colorful outfits! There is such a contrast here to what I see in stores and advertisements. Not that I never spring for anything new, but this site really encourages me to make something of my thrift finds, and it’s a lot more fun! I love Remix!
    Yes, thanks for the links!

  • ah thank you! that is so nice!
    : )

    i’m a big fan of sherbet tone too!

  • bee

    thanks so much!! ;D

  • Nice blog!

    Lot of work over here!

    If you wanna share some of your knowledge with us, feel free to visit us

  • Nicole

    I totally agree! I happen to be one of the “classic” shapes of a woman, aka hourglass, which seems to be extremely rare nowadays. Thank you for proving to me, my self-esteem and my wardrobe that we women with REAL bodies can be just as stylish (if not better-looking!) as the size zeros out there!

  • yup, i’ve definitely got the hots for girls with some meat on their bones. i have the metabolism of a hummingbird, so while i guess it means that i look “conventional,” it also means there are plenty of voluptuous, wonderful, original looks i’ll just never pull off. so instead i compensate with accessories!

  • 1985supastar

    We should embrace all sizes , size zero does not always = anorexia. I love your site ,and I am not saying you’re doing this ,but I hate when people bash skinny women to empower “curvy” women, empowerment shouldn’t work like that.
    I think the fixation on the size 0 is a problem, everyones like OMG if someone where’s a 0 .It’s all about perspective, My grandma was a petite women (size 0) my mom is tall (size 1) and I am in between. Alot of people give me shit about my size and there really isn’t anything I can do about it. So to someone who is not a 0 or a 1, it sounds small sickly even, but its not. Thats the size I am, just like I accept your curves and slogans like “real women have curves”, accept my size and the fact that its normal.

    P.S some skinny women have curves and some chubby women are flat.

  • you’re right, supastar. i was scrawny as a teenager and i ate like a trucker, only now is my metabolism catching up with me. i’m gonna go ahead and delete the part about anorexia, not because anorexia isn’t something we all need to be aware of, but because i don’t want you all to think that i’m bashing all the naturally skinny girls out there. thanks for the comment, Supastar, and thanks for reading!

  • Amber, I just wanted to say thanks for all the remix love you have been showing me! It really means so much. And, as a side note, I am the biggest fan of pin-up and the ladies of related genres, so I know what you mean! And I’ll also be the first to admit beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As stupid and cliche as it sounds, I think that the comfortability (Is that a word? It is now.) one feels with their body is what really makes them look good.

  • whimsicalnerd

    I would like to agree. Women look their best when they embrace and dress for their size and figure. We all have things that we should or should not wear based on our shapes, and the hip ladies are savvy about how to highlight their best features.
    Also, I want to send Sherbert Tone some love too…I’d like to try the suspenders on a skirt idea!

  • god, i just love you guys. you make me laugh so much! and you are so down to earth. ahhhh, thank you!

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