thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 28 Aug 07

holy shitgiggles! wardrobe remix is getting a little unruly with its excessive adorableness. it took me hours to whittle away at it and these are the cream off the top. nice work, kidlings. i usually try to keep the numbers to around a dozen, but it was just TOO GOOD and i ended up with a few extry. (click the photos to go to the flickr page and see where everything’s from)

this is practically one step above a potato sack but i’m totally green with envy and vaguely aroused.

i suddenly have the massive urge to be reincarnated as a giraffe. and also to break into her kitchen to pilage all her canisters.

i believe the oversized geek glasses and hat totally make this outfit. ouch.

green and red
glasses match skirt, shirt matches shoes and they all make love in the most glorious manner.

am i allowed to post wee tiny british lasses? adorable! most people will never acquire this much style instinct in a lifetime.

tent top
can you believe le petit got this top at old freaking navy?? it was genius to “excessorize” it with 3 large necklaces.

how can something this cheerful make me want to just kill myself?

there’s something completely irresistable about a boy in a cardigan and sockless chucks. yum.


this is midwest jess‘s best dress yet! and that hat is ALL that.

gingham tube
haaaaaaawt. like. stupidly hot.

this might seem a bit too “hairspray” until you get to the ankle boots, et voila. parfait. what a perdy girl.

sailor girl
um. cuteness. overload. look at those wicked skates!

houndstooth pants
Nicollette Von Ghoul is head-achingly adorable. i love the houndstooth pants with that top!

omg, it’s juju of the amazing band park avenue! we ran in the same crowds in high school and i haven’t seen her in years till now! she looks absolutely adorable in yellow. peter pan collars are my favorite!

the snail and the cyclops has the world’s best collection of ankle boots. the best vest in the world is on her shoulders, i hope she realizes the responsibility this entails.

mixed prints
it’s a joyous extravaganza of an outfit! this garden needs no flowers.

it’s cheek squeezing time! this is elektrikb‘s birthday outfit and i just want to die from the cuteness.

lebonbonmulticolore is always so freaking perfect head to toe. she and elektrikb run MTL STREET together. i dunno about you, but i think they’re very very qualified.