Wilco: Journey into the Greek Theatre with an Anchor Steam and a Camera


It was my buddy Steve’s (pictured) birthday and he wanted to see Wilco. I was thinking it was going to be in the 70s in Berkeley so I wore this.

Top: Charlotte Russe like 4 years ago: $19

Cropped and buttoned jeans: Nordstrom Rack on my birthday: $16

Woven brogues: Thrift Town $4

Teal beret: Sac’s Thrift Avenue $2

Sunglasses: Target $12

(Oh in case you’re wondering, Steve’s t-shirt says, “Guns don’t kill people, people with mustaches kill people. Steve swears that he got more looks when he had a mustache. I say mustaches are so late 90’s europop.)


Knowing I should be prepared for a rogue cloud or cold front, I changed. Down vests! Perfect for the bay area, where the air is crisp and foggy, but not “cold”. Nobody saw my blossomed top. Except you guys.

Down vest: Sac’s Thrift Avenue $2

Favorite Tee: Gap outlet: $4.50

It was only an hour between when we got there and when the show started, so I didn’t get as many as I wanted, but here are a few of the painfullyhisters I saw:


SO cozy! Fleece and knit. Look at that bag!


Look at the pretty shawl! Cozy! I wanted you to see the guy-on-the-left’s shoes, but that hill was pretty steep so I was all topsy-turvey when I took the picture. Or maybe it was the Anchor Steam in the plastic bottles:



Shoes, bag, Heiney and a nice smile. Her boyfriend offered to move out of the shot but I liked his shoes too.


Blondie is ROCKING the oversized sweater and wide-legged jeans. And the lady on the left had really cute boots, I promise. That leather jacket is to die for. Is that Richard Grieco in the background?

Anyways, it was a great show.

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