wooly knees for me, please (or, taking the summer to fall transition slowly)

wooly knees for me, please (or, taking the summer to fall transition slowly)

i’m trying really hard to look on the bright side of the end of summer (i’m still hoping for an unseasonably hot september since i feel like i’ve been completely cheated out of summer), but apparently nobody liked my crazy mixed print fall 07 runway-inspired outfit, because i didn’t get a single comment on it! but i for one, thought it was just to die for and have been thinking about those wooly over-the-knee-socks with those chunky T-strap sandals for fall ever since. then i saw this outfit on StyleBytes:


and the craving returned four-fold. i can still wear the pantloads of minidresses i’ve accrued over this summer into the parts of the 8 months of winter we have here! a small consolation.

another cheat i’d like to try out this year is short sleeved coats with elbow length gloves! i love the idea of not having to wear long sleeves every single day and a change-up of the usual boring silhouettes is exactly what i need to get myself through all that grey…

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  • I think Agathe has inspired legions with those over-the-knee socks. I know I’m on the prowl for a pair. My trick for 3/4 length sleeve coats is wearing them in a kid’s size. The sleeves are always too short and it looks great with long gloves.

  • dearest,
    if you have a hard time finding a short sleeve coat while thrifting, the vera wang for kohl’s collection will have them. i think it’ll be online too. ;)
    and i’m in agreement. i was thinking the exact same thing just yesterday about one of those with the gloves!

  • Jas

    I have been looking for over the knee socks everywhere, I love them for fall and winter.

  • In the place where I use to live female uses this high knee socks, it look fantastic, aside from that you can wear it anytime and anywhere. but the problem I have encountered I can’t find plain colored knee socks instead strip, which is not attractive.
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  • Stacey

    Those over the knee socks take me back to my catholic school girl days…lol
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