Month: September 2007

‘tween streetstyle! reader submission


this adorable little woodsprite is named Zoe. she’s only 14, but she single-handedly made her minidress in a sweet laundry-themed print and paired it fearlessly with polka-dot espadrilles. Zoe, you are painfully hip. when i was your age, i looked like oliver freaking twist.
dress: handmade by Zoe
belt: Charlotte Russe $6
shoes: Target $12

thanks, Zoe!
if you wanna be this cool, please send in your street style photos to!

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the most Painfully Hip Site of the Week

although i’ve heard of Daddy Likey many times, it has somehow thus far avoided my mousal exploration. i don’t know why. maybe i have dad issues. thank jeebus i got over them though, because this blog makes me very happy. and by happy i mean silly with delight. and i quote:


“My reaction to this sweater–an involuntary squeal followed by hyperventilating followed by ransacking my house to try to find an extra $275, only to find 30 damn cents–made me realize not only that I am extremely materialistic, but that this sweater is my style, epitomized.Let me just call up my old calculus know-how to put together a quick formula here…let’s see….Slouchy grandpa + flamboyant showgirl = Winona. Yep, that’s about right.

Nanette Lepore Sequin Cardigan, $275,

p.s. How rad would it be if there were a lost episode called Mr. Rogers Goes to Vegas? I wonder how many times he changed his shoes in that one.”

her name is Winona, she’s beautiful, completely hilarious, has amazing thrifting luck and mad (mad!) writing skillz, she’s like the Heather Armstrong of fashion blogs. she recently marched in a peace march in DC! thanks Winona! Painfully Hip will come right out and say that Bush’s War Sucks Balls. yes folks, you heard it here first. i need to make some bumper stickers.

anyway, definitely check out her Don’t Show-cha your Chocha series for hilariously wardrobe malfunction (oh hell no. i didn’t just do that, did i?) worthy dresses. She’s also running a contest for the most embarrassing junior high fashion stories (uh, i’m having devastating flashbacks of my tight white denim cut-offs with plastic shit glued all over them! help!). vote on the hilariously heartbreaking finalists here.

so Winona of Daddy Likey? i’m gonna go ahead and give you a Painfully Hip Site of the Week M.I.A. badge because she’s the only girl in the world who can pull off the ghastliest junior high fashion of my generation and still be worthy of the Painfully Hip masthead. nice work, Winona. how hip are you?!

m.i.a. badge

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digging my new digs

when i left canada, i decided i wanted to bring only the stuff that would fit in my little wee car. the rest i got rid of, or pawned off onto unsuspecting friends. the result was that when i got here, i had to buy pretty much everything i needed to have a decent room. i spent under $500 (the bed i’m borrowing. thanks, angie!) at Ikea, Target and some thrift stores and this is what i got!





toss pillows, target: $12
teal sheets, ikea: $18
red comforter set with shams and skirt, target: $50
bedside table/stool, target: $35
red sheers, target: $9
wire basket drawer set with wood cabinet door as tabletop, ikea: $29
large dark wood cabinets (not pictured), ikea: $175


that’s my chinese papercut art. it’s beautiful. only $30 in vancouver’s chinatown.

thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 25 Sep 07

w00t! it’s the thrift stars of wardrobe remix! enjoy them in all their pigeon-toed glory. fall fashions are kicking my ass right now.

this combination of fuschia and chartruese is exactly what this fall needs. adorable. those boots are undefeated in 10.

do NOT look directly into Izzy‘s piercing eyes. she’s a maneater! watch out, boy, she’ll chew you up.
seriously though, hall and oates aside? pure. anadulterated. vixen.

omfg, from now on sallyjanevintage is my arch nemesis. her wardrobe is apparently so fantasticly awesome that somewhere in the back of her closet she just happened to find these all-powerful buckle boots (are they completely S&M sexy or are they innocent as a pair of maryjanes with gladiator flair?! all of the above! you could wear them with cute argyle socks and still be able to see the socks)!!!
i… i’m speechless.

this dress is mind-boggling. she calls it “kimono disco queen.” i swear this girl can pull off anything like it’s a freaking t-shirt and jeans.

wht sweater, those boots
recipe for the easiest, comfiest fall outfit ever. sweater, leggings, gold hoops and boots. done.

sweater dress
the most perfect sweater dress known to mankind.

grey dress with pleats
i love her haircut with this dress. i bought an almost exact copy of this dress in tartan at suzi shier recently and i’m pretty sure i bought it based mostly on the pockets and the neckline pleats. i’m sure glad i did. now i need that belt and those sunglasses.

hello dolly
a grown up (just enough) pinafore dress and T-straps for sunny days!

dolphins and feathers
jeans and t-shirt get a party dress feel with a feather headdress. high-waisted skinny jeans are my next noble quest.

oh liebemarlene, your minidress and shoe collection must be the crown jewel of minidress and shoe collections.

this sweatervest was woven by the baby jesus.

if luckyolive has that amazing twiggy haircut and that bag in every wr photo, she’ll end up here every week.

pompoms are what happiness is made of.

there is something you can do with all those jumpers for when they go out of style! crop em into vests!

charlie chaplin sweater
it’s a charlie chaplin sweater. ’nuff said.

check me out: california girl

so yes! i made it to California. it wasn’t easy, especially the goodbyes (i miss you bad, Vancouver!) but i’m here and i think my head’s on straight anyway. well, mostly straight.

i haven’t had time to do any shopping for a while (even though my canadian dollars are almost on par with american now!), but i did go to an awesome folk show on saturday. it was the lovely and talented Mariee Sioux, and along with an amazing bell-like voice and agile pixie hands, she had beautiful cream and turquoise organic cotton t-shirts on sale. Eve and i both bought one.

sorry about the pigeon-toes, i think my feet just automatically do that. it’s a side effect of hours spent perusing wardrobe remix.
Mariee Sioux american apparel tee: $15
grey Target jeans: $16
red H&M oxford canvas shoes: $20
chiffon graphic print scarf: $2
and i cannot believe i spent this much on a…
pleather Le Chateau bomber:$80,
especially when i now have a pretty rad actual leather jacket collection. resistance was futile.

Oh and Congratulations to Rita H, who won the first Painfully Hip giveaway ever, that gorgeous silver bracelet from the generous sisters at Lady Language! you lucky little… yaaaay Rita!

flannel: now with less irony

yes. the day in the early 90s that Vogue was doing grunge spreads of basic flannel shirts, baggy dresses and combat boots for 300 kabillion times the price of what we were all buying in thrift stores was a dark (yet vaguely satisfying) day in the lives of rebellious, teenaged thrift whores everywhere. this one with Kristen McMenamy was my favorite:


but how can you stay mad at cozy flannel shirts feminized with chic belts, layering, girly accessories and shapely trousers for nipply fall weather? i love unexpected dressy or metallic details too.

with scarf
photos from Wardrobe Remix, PickyPickPics and The Sartorialist

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Thrift Stars!: Eve’s Pics from Wardrobe Remix 9/17/07

Wow. So many beautiful works of art in wardrobe remix. The uploads have gotten out of hand and Amber and I can’t keep up! I scoured 10 pages of pics and still didn’t even get further than Thursday. So here is the all-but-all-inclusive list of favorites (click on each pic for its page):

Braces are back! I used to rock them in high school with my way-too-over-sized sailor pants and black and white striped sailor shirt but I looove them with the skinny jeans.

That dress has its own compass. It will lead you through the enchanted forest, past the oracle and down Alice’s rabbit hole. There the Cheshire cat will tell you you’re the prettiest thing with your long golden Rapunzel braids.

Tiny tiny waist! Goddamn, I wish I hadn’t thrown out all my pencil skirts from when I was a PULP fanatic in high school.

Piksi is a wardrobe remix rookie, but she presents as a veteran. She had only four outfits uploaded, and I nearly posted all of them.

Bosnian beauty in Keith Haring leggings. I must have those boots!

I am a sucker for sailor stripes!

Here’s Piksi again, envy is the color of your brogues.

How friggin adorable is cigarettesandspeed??? That dress reminds me of Amber’s bohemian flapper dress but with 7th grade private school english teacher accessories. Genius!

St. Peter, please pinch me! That structured cropped blazer and color combo (with white belt!!!) hit me like a mack truck on dexedrine (in a good way).

Here is our Bosnian beauty again. At first I didn’t like the 80s belt (I had one like that as a kid and in my autistic, unfashionable way did not like the way only half if it would fit in my belt-loops) but now it’s very neo-plastic with this red galaxy dress.

She’s done it, perfectly entwined Mia Farrow and Sandy Denny in a warm loving embrace.

Bosnian beauty (aka: nemrešpobjećodnedjel je), I am Eve, your biggest fan.

Chubby Face. This outfit reminds me of the childlike awe I felt when I found my crayola crayons melted in the sun. Thank you.

I am crying for the simple perfection of this outfit. She could simultaneously kneel in that flowerbed to pull weeds and fly off with pixie dust contrails behind her and I would not be surprised.

Here are some other favorites that will not allow their lovely selves to be hotlinked:





for only our most loyal readers

hi there! you still love us despite the inactivity of late. thank you for all your well-wishing on my move! therefore you deserve to be indulged a little for your loyalty…

sweet Michelle over at Lady Language is happy to oblige. she’s offering the most loyal and Painfully Hip kids an exclusive twenty freaking five percent discount for this week only (starting tomorrow, Sept. 17th and ending on Monday Sept 24th), including sale items! Just enter HIP25 at checkout.

for instance…
white cocktail dressbuttonsleeve mini dress 15.23crescent bag 33jacket 18
white cocktail dress: $16 with discount!
button-sleeve mini dress: $15.23 with discount!
teal crescent spy bag: $33 with discount!
nip waist jacket: $18 with discount!

but wait, there’s more!
it slices, it dices, it’s sterling silver and it’s FREE! it’s a gorgeous designer bracelet from Chicago artist, Julie Schmidt! it retails for $78, but Lady Language is giving it away this week!


every gal can use a nice bracelet. anyone interested in winning can sign up for their newsletter (or contact Michelle directly at the winner will be announced here and on Lady Language on Monday Sept. 24th at noon.
good luck!

see? i told you to keep checking back! also, watch for Eve’s thrift stars of the week post coming out tomorrow.
many loves and misses,

bear with us…

amber here…
i’m going to need to take a bit of a break from blogging for at least a week or two, i’m making a terrifyingly major change and moving back to California.
i will be back blogging as soon as i get my head on straight. in the meantime, my twin sis Eve will be posting as often as her busy life allows, so please keep checking back with us. don’t worry, when i return there will be some awesome collaborative efforts goin down.

thanks for your support and understanding.
we heart you bigtime.

if you get bored (because we know your life totally revolves around us), please do check out The Most Painfully Hip Sites of the Week!

the most Painfully Hip Site of the Week

…is Ringo, Have a Banana!


a wardrobe remixer and thrift star of the week regular, Ringo (do you mind if i call you that, hun? the alternative would be Banana, or worse yet RiHAB, and we know you’re no Amy Winehouse…) can do no wrong. she has been featured multiple times in Neet Magazine, has such a cute, matter-of-fact writing style and her blog design is always inspiring and changes for the seasons. she recently up and moved to New York and so lately her posting has slowed, but now she’s back and writing about her Bryant Park tent stalking hi-jinx!

“After long hot hours in the city sun, our spirits were a bit worn out. To be so close to fashion week and not actually be able to go in! But then! A mysterious stranger sporting nerd glasses and an afro drew us aside and, out of the goodness of his golden heart, showed us a side entrance where we could just waltz right on in. He disappeared into the subway before we could ask his name, but he did give me an especially enthusiastic thumbs up as a parting gift.”

she sure is making a go of it over there in the big apple, but the best part is her outfits, which are lovely, and quirky in the most covetable way…
green tightsstripey shoesfloral
so, Ringo, Have a Banana, because of your fearlessness, i dub thee painfully hip, Kirsten Dunst style, because we all secretly adored that outfit she wore with the chartreuse tights and lavendar scarf


wear your badge with pride, you’ve earned it.

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