check me out: california girl

so yes! i made it to California. it wasn’t easy, especially the goodbyes (i miss you bad, Vancouver!) but i’m here and i think my head’s on straight anyway. well, mostly straight.

i haven’t had time to do any shopping for a while (even though my canadian dollars are almost on par with american now!), but i did go to an awesome folk show on saturday. it was the lovely and talented Mariee Sioux, and along with an amazing bell-like voice and agile pixie hands, she had beautiful cream and turquoise organic cotton t-shirts on sale. Eve and i both bought one.

sorry about the pigeon-toes, i think my feet just automatically do that. it’s a side effect of hours spent perusing wardrobe remix.
Mariee Sioux american apparel tee: $15
grey Target jeans: $16
red H&M oxford canvas shoes: $20
chiffon graphic print scarf: $2
and i cannot believe i spent this much on a…
pleather Le Chateau bomber:$80,
especially when i now have a pretty rad actual leather jacket collection. resistance was futile.

Oh and Congratulations to Rita H, who won the first Painfully Hip giveaway ever, that gorgeous silver bracelet from the generous sisters at Lady Language! you lucky little… yaaaay Rita!