digging my new digs

digging my new digs

when i left canada, i decided i wanted to bring only the stuff that would fit in my little wee car. the rest i got rid of, or pawned off onto unsuspecting friends. the result was that when i got here, i had to buy pretty much everything i needed to have a decent room. i spent under $500 (the bed i’m borrowing. thanks, angie!) at Ikea, Target and some thrift stores and this is what i got!





toss pillows, target: $12
teal sheets, ikea: $18
red comforter set with shams and skirt, target: $50
bedside table/stool, target: $35
red sheers, target: $9
wire basket drawer set with wood cabinet door as tabletop, ikea: $29
large dark wood cabinets (not pictured), ikea: $175


that’s my chinese papercut art. it’s beautiful. only $30 in vancouver’s chinatown.

4 comments to digging my new digs

  • De-cluttering is such a wonderful feeling… sometimes I just have to remind myself- “its only stuff!” Great job- looks fabulous.

  • Lynne

    Bravo, Amber, for starting anew with panache!

  • lookin good, amber.
    i’ll be doing the same over the next month.
    back to sf to pack up my apt.
    then back to boston to start over for real.
    it’s exciting.
    but huge.
    so all good thoughts your way.

    i hope you are well.

    i love your writing, it always makes me laugh.
    big hugs.

  • i’m so happy that you’re back, err… home! missed ya! eve did a great job, as i’m still swooning over the piksi chick she plucked from wardrobe remix. i need to start doing that… if only i could find my camera! lol. anywho, happy decorating and all of that fun stuff! moving can be such a pain, but it’s so worth it- if only for the opportunity of paring down! (remind me that i said that after my impending move) :D

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