thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 25 Sep 07

w00t! it’s the thrift stars of wardrobe remix! enjoy them in all their pigeon-toed glory. fall fashions are kicking my ass right now.

this combination of fuschia and chartruese is exactly what this fall needs. adorable. those boots are undefeated in 10.

do NOT look directly into Izzy‘s piercing eyes. she’s a maneater! watch out, boy, she’ll chew you up.
seriously though, hall and oates aside? pure. anadulterated. vixen.

omfg, from now on sallyjanevintage is my arch nemesis. her wardrobe is apparently so fantasticly awesome that somewhere in the back of her closet she just happened to find these all-powerful buckle boots (are they completely S&M sexy or are they innocent as a pair of maryjanes with gladiator flair?! all of the above! you could wear them with cute argyle socks and still be able to see the socks)!!!
i… i’m speechless.

this dress is mind-boggling. she calls it “kimono disco queen.” i swear this girl can pull off anything like it’s a freaking t-shirt and jeans.

wht sweater, those boots
recipe for the easiest, comfiest fall outfit ever. sweater, leggings, gold hoops and boots. done.

sweater dress
the most perfect sweater dress known to mankind.

grey dress with pleats
i love her haircut with this dress. i bought an almost exact copy of this dress in tartan at suzi shier recently and i’m pretty sure i bought it based mostly on the pockets and the neckline pleats. i’m sure glad i did. now i need that belt and those sunglasses.

hello dolly
a grown up (just enough) pinafore dress and T-straps for sunny days!

dolphins and feathers
jeans and t-shirt get a party dress feel with a feather headdress. high-waisted skinny jeans are my next noble quest.

oh liebemarlene, your minidress and shoe collection must be the crown jewel of minidress and shoe collections.

this sweatervest was woven by the baby jesus.

if luckyolive has that amazing twiggy haircut and that bag in every wr photo, she’ll end up here every week.

pompoms are what happiness is made of.

there is something you can do with all those jumpers for when they go out of style! crop em into vests!

charlie chaplin sweater
it’s a charlie chaplin sweater. ’nuff said.