Month: October 2007

Everyday is Halloween: the most outrageous street style on the web

You all know how we love audacity here at Painfully Hip. And how dressing up is our favorite pasttime? We totally covet the balls on these kids for making their clothes their art, and pulling them off every day with unrepentant flair. I like to call them “couldntgiveafuckwhatshipsters.”
Hats off to the most outrageous personal style for making the world a more interesting place. Good on ye!

First off, Helsinki…

neon pink dreads
candy girls

how inspiring! if it weren’t for the interwebs, this girl probably wouldn’t even have heard of a japanese gothic lolita.

Beautiful Copenhagen (Phil: if you’re reading this, we miss you!)…
90s fro dude
90s pattern cocoon

London and Reykjavik (via facehunter)…

she’s obviously a fan of Klaus Nomi!

and then there’s Berlin…

My new mantra: “When in doubt, SNEER.”

Have a Painfully Hip HALLOWEEN all y’all!
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thrift stars of the week! (our picks from wardrobe remix) 30 Oct 07

This is is starting to get really painful. Its like being a taster at dessert contest. You keep asking yourself all these ridiculous questions like, “How do I judge the creamiest tiramisu against the flakiest of baklava?” Do I judge by my personal style or celebrate individual creativity? There was so much deliciousness that we had to go tandem again. Amber did an initial go-through and chose about 30 she liked, then I picked my favorite from those (although the final cuts included those that wore mostly new clothes, rather than an aesthetic factor).  A little pumpkin pie here, a little lemon bar there, a dream torte here, a sherbet tone there….

I love the patchwork skirt. Ladies, your mothers closets are ripe for the picking.

Sherbet Tone, you are the Cameron Frye of Wardrobe Remix. And that’s a compliment, I’m sure you’d agree. Us geek-lovers all had a crush on him.

Ok, how hot is that fire-headed little indian girl? I love the idea of the couture-costume.

I posted this because I want this outfit. I would wear it everyday. It is very “Eve”. Just like Tiramisu.

Hot alert.

Genius, just genius. I am rabidly jealous of this girl’s knack for styling.

awww! this is girly perfection.

i adore lewis.samuel‘s audacious photography style, all that movement and all those layers! glee!

sweatervests are fashion crack to me.

irene adler is always so freaking adorable. and has good taste in bags. eve has the exact same one. she calls it her safari bag.

sjwhidden is the queen of thrift couture and nonchalant poses. amazing.

Red velvet layer cake, I am a sucker for candy(stripes).

DOODS, our favorite vintage and vintage-inspired store, ModCloth is giving us all a discount because you’re all so damn hip. Check out those frighteningly hot boots in the Want of the Weak sidebar section.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! enjoy your faces off!

All Hallows Eve and Amber

cleopatra edie sedgwick


edie sedgwick


Went to a costume party last night a the home of our dearest friends. My hubby and I went as and Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra (Liz Taylor’s), respectively. Amber went as Edie Sedgwick. She pieced hers together from thrift store finds. Doesn’t she look EXACTLY like her???? Danny and I rented ours. We had no idea going in what we wanted to be, but I saw that dress and said, “I MUST wear that!” FYI, if you’re in Sacramento, Broadway Costumes is THE place. It’s owned by a darling couple. The wife makes elaborate costumes and masks and the husband sells them with aplomb. They let us take them home 2 weeks early and it just sat there burning a hole in my closet. I kept wanting to play dress up with it.

EDIT: Thanks, Sis! Woulda been better if my eyelashes had worked, though. Still got Actual Halloween to achieve perfection! -Amber


the return of the fanny pack?

My mother once got mugged in paris. They knocked her down and stole her fanny pack right off her fanny. Not funny at all. But the funny part was that on the police report, they wrote that her “centre banane” was taken. “Center Banana.” It’s funny on so many levels!
Have you noticed a resurgence? First there were the wide belts, then the wide belts started to get pockets. Now, these little bits of MomChic are popping up on hipsters everywhere! No matter how much we deny it, the early 90s just won’t stay in the past. Check it:


Ivy Frozen wears it well:

Here it is in Helsinki…
i prefer it worn backwards…
or over the shoulder like MTLST‘s ElektrikB:

what do you think? center banana: painful or hip? if you think hip, you’re lucky. these things are ridiculously convenient, especially for keeping your cell phone and lipstick handy while clubbing. Plus they’re a dime a dozen in any thrift store. think on it.

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Junkyard Dunst by Mario Sorrenti for Another Magazine

Kirsten, props to you for breaking away from your mostly aryan ways, and getting drrrrrty, Xtina style. I love it!
Kirsten Dunst for Another Magazine

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thrift stars of the week! (Our picks from wardrobe remix) 23 Oct 07

Picks by Amber, captions by Amber and Eve…

oh god. a black lace romper ($4!) and feathered pillbox hat for a Worn Mag party. lebonbon makes life worth living.

That smirk on her face says, “Take this adorable boot and shove it up your ass, Rachel Zoe.”

Amber and I have run out of death threats and jealous rants so from now on, Piksi gets haikus:
Piksi, how on earth
You look so fabulous and fresh
You must shop all day

Das boots! Does she need a button hook for those? Sorry for the Sybil reference, but isn’t she just as cute as Sally Field?

Oh bravest genius
Pretty turquoise headband and
Sunny yellow shoes

She’s a chic Xmas elf.

i want to be her for halloween.

this photo looks like a modern alphonse mucha.

the print on this dress reminds me of a northern california tidepool.

shirtdress or party dress? you make the call.

off to the chicest barn dance of the year!

love the monochrome grey with a touch of mauve.

paperbag jodphurs
an i love lucy headscarf

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so scene: sacramento

if there’s a party in sacramento, Nick of Take Over Tokyo is right in the thick to document it. he’s got a nice camera, a great eye and and mad skillz at capturing your most ferocious funkface. here are a few of the hippest of the Sacramento (yes, we do have a…) scene, used with permission…

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check me out: new favorite LBD

i’ve been going dancing a lot lately so i’ve been needing a new ferociously hot LBD for just such occasions when i don’t have the brain-power to configure a good outfit. hence, the new favorite Little Black Dress:


this fits perfectly and is as comfy as a nightie. i loved the flower sleeve detail, the low scoop neck, the pleating in front and especially how it was a cute trapeze style, but was still clingy enough because of the soft jersey to not look like a tent dress.

it’s still available for only $24 at LadyLanguage
(don’t forget the “painfullyhip” discount code)!

i paired it with a pair of colorful vintage heels i got for $5 at Value Village and voila. easychic.

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EDIT: In honor of my best friend Richard’s birthday today, I’m posting my first dancing injury: a stiletto to the calf! Richard unselfishly jumped in the slippery Art Gallery fountain with me in celebration of my last day in Vancouver and injured himself pretty badly. Thanks, man. Here’s to you!


and to Crazy Stiletto Lady: watch where you’re putting those things! Although I do wear this bruise with pride, i’m still pissed that i can’t wear this outfit again for a while…

thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 16 Oct 07

waaaaay too much goodness in wardrobe remix this week.

tres adorable! it looks like someone picked her up and dipped her in a delicious rainbow soup.

killer.bee.sting and her blog are absolutely sublime. she must be 10 feet tall!

thehappyhippie is super-cozified and always so beautiful! i need a cozy nordic sweater comme ca.

this photo, outfit and shoes are all amazing, but my favorite part is that she can pull off the bob dylan circa 1966 fro! if that’s not hip, i don’t know what hip is.

la petit
oh my jeebus, that sweater makes me want to frolic and eat cotton candy all day.

la petit franc brings it again! perfect. the lace blouse and shoes are heroic.

lewis.samuel fearlessly pairs a flannel shirt with a gold anklet and bright blue bowling bag. i love it!

this is geek chic in its highest of forms.

piksi? seriously now. i’ve had just about enough of you and your perfect… everything.
ok i lie, never enough:

bluetights piksi
yeah yeah yeah, you’re a freaking genius. do you want an award?

i LOVE the color-combos here! cute cute cute!

this is sooo chic and sophisticated and perfectly tailored! well done, jasminarensmeier, it reminds me of something Francois Hardy would wear.

behold, nemrešpobjećodnedjelje, the color scientist. check out her photostream, it’s amazing. she must be a professional photographer. must be.

oh paulo! what a time you must have out at the club. tell me, is it hard to dance with the ladies hanging off every limb? or maybe you’re used to it by now. goddamn.

caption from flickr: “A couple strangers told me I had a good outfit today which knocked my socks off so I thought I’d share. I made this skirt out of a pillow case. The yellow birds positively kill me.
oh hey ouisequitur? always trust strangers

we love every sherbetone outfit so much that we’ve taken her on board. starting in november, she’ll be guest blogging here weekly. yay!!

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EDIT: DOODS, check out our weekly sidebar feature, The Want of the Weak, where we choose our favorite drool-worthy, wallet-friendly pieces from sponsoring sites and give you an additional reader discount!

Scoregasmicly yours,