All Hallows Eve and Amber

cleopatra edie sedgwick


edie sedgwick


Went to a costume party last night a the home of our dearest friends. My hubby and I went as and Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra (Liz Taylor’s), respectively. Amber went as Edie Sedgwick. She pieced hers together from thrift store finds. Doesn’t she look EXACTLY like her???? Danny and I rented ours. We had no idea going in what we wanted to be, but I saw that dress and said, “I MUST wear that!” FYI, if you’re in Sacramento, Broadway Costumes is THE place. It’s owned by a darling couple. The wife makes elaborate costumes and masks and the husband sells them with aplomb. They let us take them home 2 weeks early and it just sat there burning a hole in my closet. I kept wanting to play dress up with it.

EDIT: Thanks, Sis! Woulda been better if my eyelashes had worked, though. Still got Actual Halloween to achieve perfection! -Amber