check me out: new favorite LBD

i’ve been going dancing a lot lately so i’ve been needing a new ferociously hot LBD for just such occasions when i don’t have the brain-power to configure a good outfit. hence, the new favorite Little Black Dress:


this fits perfectly and is as comfy as a nightie. i loved the flower sleeve detail, the low scoop neck, the pleating in front and especially how it was a cute trapeze style, but was still clingy enough because of the soft jersey to not look like a tent dress.

it’s still available for only $24 at LadyLanguage
(don’t forget the “painfullyhip” discount code)!

i paired it with a pair of colorful vintage heels i got for $5 at Value Village and voila. easychic.

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EDIT: In honor of my best friend Richard’s birthday today, I’m posting my first dancing injury: a stiletto to the calf! Richard unselfishly jumped in the slippery Art Gallery fountain with me in celebration of my last day in Vancouver and injured himself pretty badly. Thanks, man. Here’s to you!


and to Crazy Stiletto Lady: watch where you’re putting those things! Although I do wear this bruise with pride, i’m still pissed that i can’t wear this outfit again for a while…