DIY: Painfully Hip-ster of the YEAR

DIY: Painfully Hip-ster of the YEAR


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  • Loves it! I want him to make me a scarf while we have a soul searching conversation on our morning commute.

  • This guy is amazing!!

    If you’re into unique fashion statements that never lack style, visit!

  • jess

    we just hung a left into bombcity. this guy’s amazing.

  • so I am going as a hamburger for halloween. can anyone put me in touch? this guy could crochet up some wicked colby cheese for me.

  • I think a man could look like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, but if he knit, I’d still be somehow strangely attracted to him. Ha.

  • Hahahaha! Is this for real?

  • he’s amazing!!!! he’s so taken with his job!!!

  • OMG I think I am in love. That is the utter coolness!

  • Isn’t that Andre Benjamin’s cousin? Love him! -the DCGF

    P.S. – That was a joke.

  • New York City subways–gotta love it! He probably knit his whole outfit and now he’s onto something else! Amazing :) –

  • Jenna

    Oh my god, I love him!!! Ha! Why can’t I ever meet a cute guy who knits…
    does anyone have his number??? :)

  • Deena

    Oh my goodness me. I want to marry him. Today.

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