so scene: sacramento

so scene: sacramento

if there’s a party in sacramento, Nick of Take Over Tokyo is right in the thick to document it. he’s got a nice camera, a great eye and and mad skillz at capturing your most ferocious funkface. here are a few of the hippest of the Sacramento (yes, we do have a…) scene, used with permission…

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4 comments to so scene: sacramento

  • stephanie

    hey i love your blog, i read it regularly even if i never really comment. i especially love your thrift stars of the week! i look at that flickr group nearly every day.
    i actually just started a blog of my own and id love if you could check it out:

  • sherwin

    well no wonder I am so hip, I’m from sacramento as well. represent! (I recognize some of the people in those photos)

  • Lynne

    Terrific pix of these folks, stylin’ and having a great time! The guy in plaid with the pipe looks like a man I was totally hot for in college, but too shy to make a move…funny now.

  • A Nonee Mouse

    Hey I wondered what camera you used, these look like still frames from a rockin indie film.

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