the return of the fanny pack?

My mother once got mugged in paris. They knocked her down and stole her fanny pack right off her fanny. Not funny at all. But the funny part was that on the police report, they wrote that her “centre banane” was taken. “Center Banana.” It’s funny on so many levels!
Have you noticed a resurgence? First there were the wide belts, then the wide belts started to get pockets. Now, these little bits of MomChic are popping up on hipsters everywhere! No matter how much we deny it, the early 90s just won’t stay in the past. Check it:


Ivy Frozen wears it well:

Here it is in Helsinki…
i prefer it worn backwards…
or over the shoulder like MTLST‘s ElektrikB:

what do you think? center banana: painful or hip? if you think hip, you’re lucky. these things are ridiculously convenient, especially for keeping your cell phone and lipstick handy while clubbing. Plus they’re a dime a dozen in any thrift store. think on it.

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