the return of the fanny pack?

the return of the fanny pack?

My mother once got mugged in paris. They knocked her down and stole her fanny pack right off her fanny. Not funny at all. But the funny part was that on the police report, they wrote that her “centre banane” was taken. “Center Banana.” It’s funny on so many levels!
Have you noticed a resurgence? First there were the wide belts, then the wide belts started to get pockets. Now, these little bits of MomChic are popping up on hipsters everywhere! No matter how much we deny it, the early 90s just won’t stay in the past. Check it:


Ivy Frozen wears it well:

Here it is in Helsinki…
i prefer it worn backwards…
or over the shoulder like MTLST‘s ElektrikB:

what do you think? center banana: painful or hip? if you think hip, you’re lucky. these things are ridiculously convenient, especially for keeping your cell phone and lipstick handy while clubbing. Plus they’re a dime a dozen in any thrift store. think on it.

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12 comments to the return of the fanny pack?

  • those last three dudes need to be shot on the spot.

  • Beth

    Loves it! I made one out of cowboy print material and it looks amazing. The only thing is that it’s a little too small for my giant wallet of doom.

  • Lynne

    I like the Helsinki version. I’m not a fan of guy fannies though shooting is a little severe…

  • I quite enjoy a good bum bag. I just thrifted a well-worn leather one for a male friend – I think if done well, they are universally stylish.

  • i did a posting on this a few months ago. i love the gucci fanny pack. you just can’t compare these with the schlumpy nylon, black ones from yore. just like you’d never compare a beautiful marc jacobs handbag with some pleather, icky bag from qvc

    different animals entirely. and i love them so !

  • They never went out of style in Prague. Young teenage girls mostly wore them, always to the back, usually with other teen wear that looked just as contemporary as anything people at home were wearing.

    They were also wearing the middle east neck scarves waaay before anyone else here was wearing them. I totally forgot about that until right now.

  • I have 3 fanny packs, luv um!!!
    Perfect concert wear, helped me dance like crazy at MIA last week!

  • kiki

    i want some young gothic fanny pack. anyone? i’m in utah, so i need help (no stores or cutting edge designers that i know of) contact me!

  • raven

    Love it. I just bought my 43rd and 44th fannypack today. I try to wear one everyday. They are convenient and contribute to my style quite well. Does anyone know any websites where I could get some more cool ones?

  • Dianne

    I was wondering if you could do something on maternity clothes for the winter because I am a unveristy student expecting my first child and I would like to do it on the cheap and so I don’t look like a troll

  • The best Fanny Packs are from

    Their range is easy on the eyes, extremely practical and handmade from recycled leather.

    I want to buy them all!!

  • thekingcartel

    i don’t know about everyone else, but i have a few and i can’t live without them now. they are very much in style in hawaii. at first i was rather suprised to see people still using them. thoguht they went out with the late 80′s-early 90′s. but after i got one and realized how nice it is to have, esspecially when you wear board shorts pretty much every day that have 1 or no pockets, a fanny pack is a must. i am moving back to the mainland, new york, in about a month or so. and i am sure i will get some crap for it, but i am going to rock it anyways cause i gotta have it now. lol.

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