thrift stars of the week! (amber’s picks from wardrobe remix) 16 Oct 07

waaaaay too much goodness in wardrobe remix this week.

tres adorable! it looks like someone picked her up and dipped her in a delicious rainbow soup.

killer.bee.sting and her blog are absolutely sublime. she must be 10 feet tall!

thehappyhippie is super-cozified and always so beautiful! i need a cozy nordic sweater comme ca.

this photo, outfit and shoes are all amazing, but my favorite part is that she can pull off the bob dylan circa 1966 fro! if that’s not hip, i don’t know what hip is.

la petit
oh my jeebus, that sweater makes me want to frolic and eat cotton candy all day.

la petit franc brings it again! perfect. the lace blouse and shoes are heroic.

lewis.samuel fearlessly pairs a flannel shirt with a gold anklet and bright blue bowling bag. i love it!

this is geek chic in its highest of forms.

piksi? seriously now. i’ve had just about enough of you and your perfect… everything.
ok i lie, never enough:

bluetights piksi
yeah yeah yeah, you’re a freaking genius. do you want an award?

i LOVE the color-combos here! cute cute cute!

this is sooo chic and sophisticated and perfectly tailored! well done, jasminarensmeier, it reminds me of something Francois Hardy would wear.

behold, nemrešpobjećodnedjelje, the color scientist. check out her photostream, it’s amazing. she must be a professional photographer. must be.

oh paulo! what a time you must have out at the club. tell me, is it hard to dance with the ladies hanging off every limb? or maybe you’re used to it by now. goddamn.

caption from flickr: “A couple strangers told me I had a good outfit today which knocked my socks off so I thought I’d share. I made this skirt out of a pillow case. The yellow birds positively kill me.
oh hey ouisequitur? always trust strangers

we love every sherbetone outfit so much that we’ve taken her on board. starting in november, she’ll be guest blogging here weekly. yay!!

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