thrift stars of the week! (our picks from wardrobe remix) 30 Oct 07

thrift stars of the week! (our picks from wardrobe remix) 30 Oct 07

This is is starting to get really painful. Its like being a taster at dessert contest. You keep asking yourself all these ridiculous questions like, “How do I judge the creamiest tiramisu against the flakiest of baklava?” Do I judge by my personal style or celebrate individual creativity? There was so much deliciousness that we had to go tandem again. Amber did an initial go-through and chose about 30 she liked, then I picked my favorite from those (although the final cuts included those that wore mostly new clothes, rather than an aesthetic factor).  A little pumpkin pie here, a little lemon bar there, a dream torte here, a sherbet tone there….

I love the patchwork skirt. Ladies, your mothers closets are ripe for the picking.

Sherbet Tone, you are the Cameron Frye of Wardrobe Remix. And that’s a compliment, I’m sure you’d agree. Us geek-lovers all had a crush on him.

Ok, how hot is that fire-headed little indian girl? I love the idea of the couture-costume.

I posted this because I want this outfit. I would wear it everyday. It is very “Eve”. Just like Tiramisu.

Hot alert.

Genius, just genius. I am rabidly jealous of this girl’s knack for styling.

awww! this is girly perfection.

i adore lewis.samuel‘s audacious photography style, all that movement and all those layers! glee!

sweatervests are fashion crack to me.

irene adler is always so freaking adorable. and has good taste in bags. eve has the exact same one. she calls it her safari bag.

sjwhidden is the queen of thrift couture and nonchalant poses. amazing.

Red velvet layer cake, I am a sucker for candy(stripes).

DOODS, our favorite vintage and vintage-inspired store, ModCloth is giving us all a discount because you’re all so damn hip. Check out those frighteningly hot boots in the Want of the Weak sidebar section.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! enjoy your faces off!

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