Month: November 2007

The most Painfully Hip DIY Contest

DoesThisLookStupid and Painfully Hip want to see how good you are with your hands. Oh c’mon now don’t be so dirty, you perv. We want to see your best do-it-yourself fashions. Are you passionate about craftiness like this guy…?


Ok, you maybe not that passionate, but we do want to see how hip you are in your own creations. I know we’ve got tons of ridiculously creative readers (i’m talking to you, Etsyers), so please don’t let me down, you don’t wanna miss out on these prizes. Here are the deets:

this kid’s a DIY machine! the question is, are you? Painfully Hip & dtls have teamed up to find out. just post a photo of your best DIY piece on DoesThisLookStupid. time to see whose got the skills!

contest dates
nov 30th through dec 21st, 2007

how to win
post a photo and description of your best DIY piece on DTLS. include “diy” as an outfit tag, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE CONTEST (note that you must get at least 30 votes to be considered).

what you win
a $50 gift certificate from Lady Language, a copy of the DIY Bible, ReadyMade: How to Make Almost Everything from the amazing ModCloth, plus $50 in cold hard cash!

Ok, there ya go. Do it. We’ll feature the winner and a few hand-picked honorable mentions here on contest end.



check me out: in love with my new satin cigarette jeans

YAY! My internet is working again! Thanks for your patience this week.

Here’s a painfully hip PSA for you…
Wine and Ebay don’t mix. I was feeling pretty good after a couple glasses when i suddenly got the revelation that what I really really wanted in my life at that moment was a pair of black satin skinny pants. So I go on Ebay and fearlessly bid on and win what I remembered as a pair of size 28 Miss Sixty satin jeans with zippered ankles. Only as a rule, I never buy pants online (especially not fitted ones) because they never fit. And then I notice that they were actually a size 26 which I’ve never fit into before. And being that the ankles were zippered, even if they did fit in the waist they’d take a lot of work to hem if I had to remove a zipper first. Stupid, stupid, stupid… So I obviously didn’t have high hopes for them until they arrived. And guess what? They fit like a glove and are effing PERFECT in every way possible. Comfy and awesome and more versatile than i’d ever imagined! Ah…. So what I guess I’m saying is that wine and Ebay DO mix. Beautifully. Try it sometime.

So anyway, here’s how versatile they actually are. I wore them out dancing (of course), to a client meeting, and as casual weekend wear. Check it:

sheer white button-down: thrifted, $4
rust velvet cropped vest: thrifted, $3
satin jeans: Ebay, $30
brown spectators (a touch too small, but worth the pain): thrifted, $7
woven leather bag: thrifted, $3

sleeveless gold lace tunic:
long, black, sheer cardigan: ross, $9
metallic woven flats: target, $10

Arcade Fire T-shirt: thrifted $2
printed scarf: discount mall store, $1
oversized grey cardi (i live in this thing): $3
silver skinny belt: the strap off an old handbag
red canvas oxford flats: H&M, $19

i can’t wait to try them with vintage heels next. Or maybe even my cream flag girl boots.

thrift stars of the week! 27 Nov 07

Today was O.D. day for me. I woke up with the flu and OD’ed on vitamins and flu meds. And I really wanted to work from bed all day, but the internet went out at my house so instead I had to OD on elevator music w/ at&t and then go to an internet cafe to do a minimal amount of work and OD on caffeine all day. So then my internet still wasn’t fixed when I got back home, but I was feeling a little better so Eve and I had to go to the nearest place with free wifi, which just happened to be a bar, in order to OD on beer and beautiful, amazing, inspiring wardrobe remix outfits. So now we’re drunk and tired and also sickly so all we can do is let these beautiful photos speak for themselves. This has been the most difficult judgement ever, hence the record amount of photos. Enjoy.














riding boots






For your Viewing Pleasure: Haunting Art-Style from Marci Washington

I LOVE these images from Oakland artist Marci Washington (from Fecal Face). The tapestries are hand painted and the dresses are lovely. Forgive me, Marci, but when I first saw these I got that same innocent chill that I felt as an 8 year old watching Scooby Doo. It’s that creepiness and minimalism. But there is no parallel in their faces. I LOVE how she does the teeth and eyes. I want to hire her to design my wallpaper and chandeliers and then create a white gauzy dress for me to float around my house in.



Hipster Holiday Guide: discounted, no-brainer gifts for the painfully hip ones in your life

no idea what to get for your painfully hip sister / girlfriend / friend / cousin / niece / aunt / mother? seriously, don’t sweat it. you’re golden with these picks (in order from cheapest to most splurgey…)

$5.40 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

everyone needs a good staple bangle cuff. this one is stupidly cheap and wicked. hammered metal to get hammered in.

fingerless gloves
$8 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

they don’t know yet how much they’re craving these cozy fingerless gloves.

pirate ID/business card case $9.90 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

perfect for a night out to keep your shit together, hold your business cards and start a conversation.

pompom scarf
$14.40 with hip97 discount code

pompoms and peacock are totally IN right now. just tell them i said so.

nylon book
$22.50 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

anyone who loves this blog will adore this book. a great collection of global street style and an entertaining accessory for any coffee table or porcelain palace.

$22.50 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

how can you not love this hat? perfect for bad hair days or just bad days in general.

grey sweater
$22.50 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

ah, the sweater. the go-to gift for the guy on the go. this one has a little more style than the usual reindeer-emblazoned affair. would look awesome layered over long sleeves, skinny jeans and yummy boots.

$31.50 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

for the kitchen hipster, the best kind of hipster. finally they can look hot wearing spaghetti sauce.

swing jacket
$32.40 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

most girls love tiny jackets almost as much as they love shoes. this will look equally fantabulous worn over a little black dress or jeans and a T.

$35 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

a totally versatile, slouchy perforated bag. the “bows” convert into a shoulder strap and I betcha it’ll fit their new MacBook.

$42 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code

who doesn’t love them some ridiculously soft and cozy pajamas for christmas? i would live in this.

white sweater
$47 with hip97 discount code

if they deserve to be happy, they deserve this sweater.

thrift stars of the week! 20 Nov 07

edie and andy
what it would look like if Edie & Andy got reincarnated and reborn in the 80’s.

i adore the cropped pants with little red socks and ankle boots, so modern and chic. i think that’s going to be the new pant length trend, somewhere between cigarette and capri.

the belt and skirt make this perfectly awesome.
fall colors beret
The cutest thing I’ve seen on the interwebs lately is how regular wardrobe remixers are choosing outfits from pieces in their past photos. this one was beautifully chosen in fall colors for whimsicalnerd by vasiliisa, the great.
playful, girly, edgy and sophisticated all at the same time. how do she do it? must be all in the pose.

gagagaglamour girl! jiminy. boboniaa is a heartbreaker! the girly vintage floral clutch is the perfect dose of demure.

mens socks
if there’s one thing that could sum up the main focus this fall, i’d say its legwear. creative legwear of any kind is a must. i love the men’s trouser sock with a dress! so coy!

the refreshing weight of those ridiculously awesome sandals is the only thing keeping this girl from floating away in her lovely fresh sundress.

the vintage society girl does it again. this is my absolute favorite outfit of hers so far. and believe me, i’m a fan.

of course i couldn’t resist this. i was a Last Unicorn fanatic (no, fiend) growing up.

i’m going to start pouting indefinitely if i’m not somehow able to secure every piece of this exact outfit by the end of winter.


the cuteness is now giving me a headache. the screaming yellow flutter-sleeve blouse is the answer to all the world’s sadness.



sorry about the slow weekend here. we ended up going on a impromptu november camping trip! it was awesome. i’d just like to thank Al Gore for inventing global warming (ok, that’s a joke. al gore invented the internet, remember? get it straight.) because it was gorgeous out!

so anyway, our weekly thrift stars post promises to be extra good. we’ll post it later tonight when eve can help me out with whittling away at the mountains of awesomeness…!

in the meantime, here’s a beyond wicked Fashion Rocks performance of David Bowie with the Arcade Fire which i somehow managed to miss seeing until now. I love the energy and both violinists are looking especially hot. You will enjoy it…

Until later, beautiful people!

check out the band: Man Man. Damn.

OK so we like Man Man. A lot. We’re fans, I swear. But we couldn’t pick them out of a crowd apparently because when we went to their show we got up our liquid courage, put on our most benevolent faces and asked these hip-ass mofos for a shot:

We loved the Asics, geek glasses, striped fedora, white clogs and especially the oversized fleece sweater and white deck shoes. HOT.
We were all like, “Oooh! you get to be on a fashion blog! Aren’t you excited??”
And yes, they turned out to be the band pre-costume change. I suppose it’s an understandable mistake when we’re more used to seeing them like this:

But still, a rather un-hip moment.

Check us out: in our Downtown Bar-Hopping Duds


We went bar-hopping and to our buddy Nate’s show the other night (he’s in the background with Amber’s dearest roommate Angie in her turquoise wedges and leopard print skirt). I got this giant 80’s turquoise cardigan for $1 at a thrift store and belted it (with a lovely ruched Christmas gift from my dear Amber), added over the knee socks from target and some slouchy flat ankle booties from Payless, and BAM! Outfit. Underneath is pair of vintage Calvin Klein shorts and a way-too-sexy-to-wear-in-public orange halter.
Amber wore her trusty pleather bomber from Le Chateau in Whistler, grey skinny jeans from Target, her favorite vintage punched leather oxford flats, and this amazing glammer than glam rust top with gold stud details…


that I’ve had for ages, but never wore. Goes to show, one girl’s drawer-liner is another girl’s favorite dancin’ duds.


wish i’d thought of that: layered vests

i totally heart this outfit from streetpeeper


she’s wearing 2 vests! it’s genius! pretty sure this would only work monochromatically, but i love it! this is a good example of an all-designer outfit that could be easily replicated with thrift store finds, except maybe the wet-look leggings. i’m thoroughly charmed.