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thrift stars of the week! 13 Nov 07

VitamininMotion looks fashionably Betty Boop crossed with Cyndi Lauper.

I hear winsome windsongs in the background! And Amber’s feeling pretty hip that she has almost the exact same vest.

Lady Coveted is looking just like one of these girls except she’s actually clothed. I love how the graphic pumps tie the skirt and vest in so pefectly.

Hermsprong wins for best ever layering of a dress and maximum adorability. Oh, and the chartreuse-tweeded-oxford-farm-vista-sweater-vested glory!

She’s rocking the excessories (that necklace!) and she feels H-O-T! How could she not in those Mad Max boots!?!

Aye! Graduated
Mickey Mouse buttons are HOT.
Who’da thunk? …Piksi!

She is a walking paradox: cozy but sexy, classic but modern. Perfect but not overthought. Help us out, Vintage Society Girl, how much time did you spend putting this together? If its less than an hour, I hate you.

shortslv cardi
This girl is all-original. She sewed a matronly sleeveless vest into a chic over-sized, cap-sleeved cardigan. Great haircut, too.

The cartoon pin-up of the season, personified.

liebemarlene is always just-kill-yourself-now adorable.

well, i suppose now a vote for the glorious sherbet tone is also a vote for the lucky Painfully Hip. but seriously, that turban? mind-blowing.

the ever-consistent nemrešpobjećodnedjelje once again proving lately that over-sized is almost always a good idea.

oh look, it’s vitamininmotion again, only this time she’s a cartoon jackie-o crossed with a psychedelic rosie the riveter.

OK, seriously? Little Stella in Australia has, handsdown, the BEST. POSE. EVER. I cannot stop giggling! There is no emoticon for it. She will keep the Romper of 2007 in style till 2010 with this photo alone.


Obligatory Holiday Party Dress Post, or… How to Wow for Nearly Nothing

I never get invited to formal/semiformal holiday parties. Am I the only one, or is it a conspiracy to sell more dresses? Maybe it’s because I don’t have a corporate job, I dunno, but apparently they’re a pretty common occurance. Guess nobody important likes me…

Oh well (sniffle…), I love any pathetic excuse to wear formal wear so I’ll take any excuse to pretend shop for formal wear. Ah screw it, at these prices? I’ll buy one of these to wear to Aunt Mildred’s Annual Hannukah Kosher Chili Cook-Off…!

mezzo sunrise dress $29.70 with coupon code PAINFULLYHIP
Ridiculous pricing over there at The Fusion Boutique! I seriously adore this dress!

cream lace ruffle shift $39 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code
just in case you need a serious dose of unadulterated girlyness.

simeon dress $37.99
quick! wear as many yummy bubble dresses as you can before they become woefully outdated!

creme brulee dress $76.50 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code
absolutely anyone can wear this classic 50s shape, but the modern shatter print makes it feel fresh.

beaded crinkle chiffon dress $49
loving jewel tones this season. a touch of peacock and purple royalty for the pauper at heart.

sequined mini
sequined mini $31.50 with PAINFULLYHIP coupon code.
…oh please! at this price i’ll wear this dress to do my gardening in! it would look amazing with some black rubber wellies!

Visconti is She: How the Internet Effects My Style

Recently I’ve been trying to give the Hip a bit more variety in perspective by bringing on wicked guest-bloggers so I can start to feel less like an illegitimate sham and to spread the love that Painfully Hip has been getting. You all deserve more than my shallow ramblings about how cute I think shit is. So today our guest blogger is the beautiful young Ariana-Lorelei Roberts (aka Gryphon) of the amazing blog Visconti is Me. I’m thrilled that her busy student life still allowed her to show me up so beautifully.

Signing off,

The great thing about the internet is it renders proximity useless. Once upon a time those who were fashionably inclined, but couldn’t jet to Paris for couture fittings would have to wait weeks, even months after the shows for bastardized versions of their favorite looks to arrive in department stores. An internet later, mall-forsaken hipsters can get their American Apparel bodysuits and BAPE sweats with the click of a button–not just any hoodie will let on that you’re a rakish link in a contemporary chain of privilege.

Paul Virilio would call this phenomenon “pollution of distances,” and it’s brought about the obsolescence of exclusivity too. So that super-special Alexander McQueen tube dress I ordered three months ago in emerald silk can be purchased for 15% off at… by some douchebag in the Dakotas. That makes me sad because whenever I decide to buy a designer dress, I have to engage in an artful power struggle with some snooty vendeuse first. Disparaging remarks are exchanged. I submit to the shopgirl’s scrutiny as she weighs the potential impact of my pigmentation on her employer’s rep. By contrast, the internet turns away no one. Beautiful clothing, even clothing that doesn’t suit you, can be purchased quickly and anonymously. Technology bends and exploits long-standing social laws it cannot break; weeding out undesirables, sadly, remains a prerogative of person-to-person business.

Nowadays the word “rare” is a relative term. When the news of Ossie Clark’s relaunch broke, I feared I would never find the orange crepe Celia Birtwell-print dress Berry Berenson wore in Marrakesh. Thankfully, Cameron Silver found it for me. Simply logging onto his blog, which singlehandedly justifies the existence of blogs, ended my search in a convenient and expedient manner- and brought to my attention a killer bejeweled Helen Rose gown. Can you say disco Gryphon? Maybe there is something to this internet, after all.

I can’t say the internet has changed my style at all– why fix something that ain’t broke?– but it has made me fatter and lazier. With people like Cameron plucking quality couture from vintage purgatory (in much the same way one wrests hairs from an eyebrow), I no longer burn calories running laps around thrift store clothing racks. I can wake up and shop and blog without having to fix my hair or put on lipstick. In fact, as I write I’m wearing earmuffs and a poncho. I imagine the internet will be especially handy during those awkward years when I’m too old to wear Jessie Lecomte, though not quite old enough to be sporting St. John. That’s the point when you have to ask yourself, just how in touch do I want to be with the transient fashion scene? You don’t want to be the saggy chick hanging out at Goat. You don’t want to be that girl. Maybe it’s better to just go online and look at or something like that to find out what’s cool. Just prowl the Internet like a child molester so you can find out what the new trends are.

That being said, class is letting out at the ol’ liberal arts college and I have to go push some philosophy majors down the stairs. Bye-bye my pretty angels, and remember: The next time you think your dreams will never come true, you could be right!




The jessica simpson shoes are second only to nine west shoes in fashion women’s shoes. The diesel shoes are more into the popular sports line.

check me out: flag girl?

I finally got my new vintage boots in the mail! They’d gotten mailed to Vancouver and had to be forwarded. These luscious, buttery cream leather flat boots with a ruched snakeskin detail at the heel…
I’ve been so excited about these but then I go to try them on and I just can’t ignore my resemblance to a drum corps flag girl…
knit beret: 25 cents, thrifted
cozy cowl neck sweater dress, available at ladylanguage for $21.60 with coupon code (The owner Michelle is my friend- I keep her in new graphics and she keeps me stylish in my times of need)!
blue calvin klein sweater vest, thrifted $3
grey skinny jeans, target $17
flag girl boots, vintage eBay, $25

So now I’ve only worn the boots once because I feel like I should be marching when I don them. I’m sure it’s just me, but maybe the effect would be lessened when worn with my cream lace tights? Or perhaps I should just own flag girl chic like its on purpose and wear ’em with epaulets. But then, I’m no Gwen.

Packing My Bags.

Good lord, do we have a treat for all y’all. It’s our favorite of the Remixers, come to dole out some of her most succulent wisdom of thrift couture and DIY fashion. We are honored to feature our most regular Thrift Star of the Week, Sarah (aka Sherbet Tone), our new regular blogger.
signing off,
Amber & Eve

After watching the Darjeeling Limited the other evening, I found myself craving even more the one thing that has been on my mind all winter:  Vintage Luggage.  Anyone who has seen the film will probably recall the delicious custom, hand-painted Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton pieces that play a central role.  (Unfortunately, I was unable to find a quality photo of these gems.)  Though, I am not talking luggage for travel, I am talking luggage for life.  It seems that so many of the-way-out-of-any-twenty-something-post-college-girl’s-budget “it” bags recall the shape, texture, and details of vintage travel totes and train cases.  Take for example this lovely girl (from Facehunter):

Based-on the details of that tiny suitcase and the pattern, my best guess would be vintage.  And it’s absolutely perfect.  I think the key is getting one that is just the right size.  I recently purchased a children’s vintage suitcase from House Vintage in Portland, OR.  (The reason  am touting vintage, in particular, is because it tends to have qurky and whimsical patterns and hues that make it stand out.)  It was exactly what I had been desperately searching for:

However, the possibilities go well-beyond suitcases.  There are also the brightly-colored, wonderfully roomy totes of the 60s and 70s.  Anyone who is a fan of wardrobe remix will have noticed everyone from lewis.samuel to ringo, have a banana to mystery bugs carrying varitions of just this thing.  And with a little DIY, those bags could have anything the carrier desires painted on them as well.  So, in short, don’t be afraid to roam with excess baggage.


thrift stars of the week! (our picks from wardrobe remix) 6 Nov 07

I feel like an imposter, judging these beautiful outfits while wearing, ahem, what I’m wearing. I’m just a shmuck with a computer, not Isabella-friggin-Blow. Needless to say, wardrobe remix is “blowing” our collective twin mind.

She’s a hot female M-Jag.

Those BOOTS. Girls with hair that pretty should not be allowed such things. It’s just not fair. Yes, we are Beauty Communists. Equal beauty distribution for ALL!

Vintage T-straps + matching mahogany bomber + anything in your closet = H-O-T

Farrah Fawcett + Anne of Green Gables = The Vintage Society Girl

She’s a beautiful catholic school nymph.

The ratio of wood paneling to hotness is obvious.

i love how he’s in stuffy menswear fabrics (tweed, pinstripes, tartan, leather…) yet he looks like he’s straight out of Breakin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo. Genius.

She’s so fantastically “euro” with her chocolate jacket and her asics. Eliza Doolittle goes jogging.

T-strap Tootsie: I just found these shoes at Value Village for $0.99! He he he!
Fuzzy McDreamy: I’m so pretty!
Egyptian Ellie: Are they sneaking up on me? Are they trying to steal my awesome sweater!?

Well done, whimsicalnerd! She’s going to a teaparty with Mary Tyler Moore, Coco Chanel and the Chesire Cat. She’s bringing the cupcakes.

We breathed a collective exasperated twin sigh when confronted with the thought of putting words to this beauty.

She’s as sexy as Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary. Get a “restraining” order on Mr. Spader, NOW.

oh, get lost with your flying V ukelele and matching raybans. i’m tired of looking at your perfect indigo blouse.

sherbetone beautifully models the latest daisy chain-making wear.

mind-numbing perfection. is that Burberry-Prorsum F/W07 garnished with a shred of cosby sweater?

painfully painful! “beauty micrometer” measures undetectable facial flaws for the ugly and unaware.

oh my.
i recently came across this old article about a crazy cosmetic torture device designed by Max Factor:
and although it’s not as torturous as the 11.5 million plastic surgeries that were performed in 2006, it most definitely proves that our f$%&ed up quest for perfection was always very healthy. hm, maybe healthy is the wrong word.

weirded out.

splendid Splendicity reads of the week

Sending some loving to my Splendicity sisters. Here is the cream of the links…



Be painfully hot. Petite Fashionista shows you how to spice up your wardrobe.

Style…A Work in Progress and her gorgeous embroidered skirt face the fatal combination of buses and dirty backpacks.

Check out Kate Hudson’s black mini! CelebLOOK takes a look back through the best celebrity looks of the month.

Her Accessories picks out her favorite Cocktail Ring, perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties and their many cocktails.

All That and A… is mad crushing on this Tango and Valssi purse.

Indie Style File points us to this ridiculously cute Bon&Ging Skirt. Yes, you guessed it, it’s made with hemp. And big patch pockets!


The Latest Luxe has her tiger eye on this Tribal Spy Bag from Fendi.

Shoe Blitz lists affordable, divine and down to earth shoe and bag options. I want those mary janes in mustard!

Shopalicious has us drooling over this pendant from SpoonFedArt.

Layas Eye has us all eyeing this Hayden Harnett bag.

Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle finds a sale on this ga-ga-gorgeous Kenneth Jay Lane bag.

NY $pender covets some beautiful warm winter coats.

Shop Diary is giving away the must-read The Little Black Book of Style.


Beauty Secrets Revealed announces a spectacular contest full of lots of yummy free stuff.

Savvy Skin reviews the new book Beauty Junkies.

Keep your $80, Spa Beautifully schools us on how to do your own at home facial.

You know you want it. Beauty and Fashion Tech is giving away MAC’s Antiquitease Collection.

Save Our Skin… and animals too! Viva Woman reviews Keys Solar Rx 100% Vegan Sunblock.

Be a tease. Temptalia has a thorough review of the MAC Curiositease Collection.

Check ’em out and have a splendid weekend. 🙂

bootie patootie – a motley variety of ankle boots for under $50

My love for the ankle boot knows no bounds. I want one in every flavor, era, genre, race and creed! Please, oh please, just gimme somma these…
I like ’em futuristic:

space bootie $39.50
Alloy – $39.50

old timey…


Alloy – $49.50
button $36
ModCloth – $36 (with PAINFULLYHIP discount code)
delia*s – $35


Yoox by Adidas – $39 (only in sz.6.5/9/10)

Looove me a moccassin…!

Piperlime – $40

mocassins 49.50
Alloy – $49.50

…and am i completely insane? I sorta love the following bastardizations of nature. The incestuous, retarded lovechild of a bootie, a peeptoe and a double strap maryjane:

Newport – $25

I think maybe I need help being more judgemental or one day I’ll be kidnapped and murdered by an ankle boot I picked up hitchhiking.

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