thrift stars of the week! 20 Nov 07

edie and andy
what it would look like if Edie & Andy got reincarnated and reborn in the 80’s.

i adore the cropped pants with little red socks and ankle boots, so modern and chic. i think that’s going to be the new pant length trend, somewhere between cigarette and capri.

the belt and skirt make this perfectly awesome.
fall colors beret
The cutest thing I’ve seen on the interwebs lately is how regular wardrobe remixers are choosing outfits from pieces in their past photos. this one was beautifully chosen in fall colors for whimsicalnerd by vasiliisa, the great.
playful, girly, edgy and sophisticated all at the same time. how do she do it? must be all in the pose.

gagagaglamour girl! jiminy. boboniaa is a heartbreaker! the girly vintage floral clutch is the perfect dose of demure.

mens socks
if there’s one thing that could sum up the main focus this fall, i’d say its legwear. creative legwear of any kind is a must. i love the men’s trouser sock with a dress! so coy!

the refreshing weight of those ridiculously awesome sandals is the only thing keeping this girl from floating away in her lovely fresh sundress.

the vintage society girl does it again. this is my absolute favorite outfit of hers so far. and believe me, i’m a fan.

of course i couldn’t resist this. i was a Last Unicorn fanatic (no, fiend) growing up.

i’m going to start pouting indefinitely if i’m not somehow able to secure every piece of this exact outfit by the end of winter.


the cuteness is now giving me a headache. the screaming yellow flutter-sleeve blouse is the answer to all the world’s sadness.