Parfait, my new favorite ‘zine

Parfait, my new favorite ‘zine

Emily K. Larned of Red Charming recently sent me a copy of her awesome ‘zine, Parfait, “…in which your discerning editor turns her sartorial eye to antiquated books seeking fashion inspiration for all.”
Pretty much like Painfully Hip’s thrift stars, but with vintage photographs …and good writing.


Obviously right up my alley- I absolutely loved it. It came beautifully hand-bound and packaged and was entertaining as f#$%. Here’s an excerpt (and a regretfully bad scan):


It is 1965 and dude is on a skateboard vying for our attention, but who are we really looking at? That’s right, dude all the way back all in white. We’re looking at you. We like your look. Note how he does not ruin his all-white awesomeness by not wearing white shoes. He’s on it. None of his friends are as stylin’ but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t judge.

I’d recommend sending a copy to your fashion-obsessed penpals in lieu of a lameass christmas card. seriously, they’re only $6!

She also sent a beautiful hardcover book she wrote packed with titillating photography called Thrift Store, The Past & Future Secret Lives of Things, another perfect gift for the insatiable thrifters in your life.


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