thrift stars of the week! 18 Dec 07

thrift stars of the week! 18 Dec 07

Some wicked awesome outfits going down on wardrobe remix. these lovelies speak for themselves!
EDIT: but i will add comments since you all are so demanding. ;) thanks for the love! here goes.

sleek personified! this could go from business meeting to the front page of facehunter with just a touch of lipstick. damn.

lovely outfit, mysteriously foggy setting, shiny shiny hair and the most awesome sock-shoe combination in history.

ah, i just wanna put her in my pocket! those tiny jeans are perfect on her.

lovely vintagesocietygirl is on a roll! plus, i’m a total sucker for those grey booties.

ironchic always resembles Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday if it was set in the early 90s. it’s a good look.

that sweater is a badass combination of oversized checks and houndstooth, and green! all of which i am totally into right now.

c’mon. this girl is the embodiment of adorable.

that’s some next-level colorblocking! love.

theclotheshorse is putting a spell on me with her excessive cuteness.

modern beatnik chic. she’ll be the most stylish girl at the war protest.

i totally have a shirt that says “I love hermsprong‘s perfect cardigan and little peekaboo of metallic leggings.”


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