Vogue UK: past December covers of questionable taste

When i saw this cover of the latest December issue of Vogue UK, I was impressed by how over the top and verging on cheesy it was.

So I thought it might be fun to check out December covers from the past. Are they always this over the top? No, but here are some real doozies…

vogue dec02
Vogue UK, December 2002
I see. Apparently Vogue thought it totally okay to put Liz Hurley in a barely there mini dress with one boob popping out, as long as they de-sexified the situation by sticking her exposed chocha in a very gay man’s face. Fair enough.

vogue dec92
Vogue UK, December 1992
Wow. I hope that whoever thought of slapping that frosted mullet wig on Christie Turlington is now doing something else for a living. Like plumbing.

vogue dec 90
Vogue UK, December 1990
I think they should’ve taken this at least one step further and put this cover photo on the vogue covers on her dress. META.

twiggy vogue dec 1974
Vogue UK, December 1974
Twiggy must’ve been barely 25 when this photo was taken, but with all that Studio 54 Whore makeup, she looks almost the same as she does now.

vogue uk dec 1970
Vogue UK, December 1970
Although amittedly kind of awesome with its artsy shit-eating grin, this photo seems like a very odd choice for any cover. Nevermind a December issue, which one would expect to be somewhat sentimental and/or glamorous… and not featuring some hippie dressed as a macaw.