Ask Painfully Hip: I need a sweet leather bag that’s as roomy as my summer tote

Parmida, my friend in Vancouver, sent me this question along with a plethora of links to gorgeous floral and print totes.

So my darling, here is my dilemma: I love totes because they have so much space, but I want a big nice black leather purse to serve the same purposes. I now work and live in a shmucky area of town, so I can’t carry around my totes like I used to. But most oversized purses are quite ugly to me. I like simplicity, classic looks. Can you suggest anything?

When I read this question, I immediately thought of the adorable Irene Adler and her stunning collection of large leather vintage satchels.

I was lucky enough to find a similar bag in burgundy mock-crock designed for laptops for $30 at Winners (aka the Canadian version of TJMaxx), but I’ve also seen a few at thrift stores here and there including one with the tags still on which said Balenciaga, but I’m going to stick to my guns and pretend I was right about my assumption of it’s falsity. I would also do a search on eBay for “vintage satchels.” Try to find one that includes a shoulder strap just in case you’re totally high-maintenance and require the use of both hands, for whatever reason.

But if you’re not as lucky as I am lately (I’ve been bowing down to the gods of karma and begging them to keep that other shoe from dropping), there are some pretty boss new versions to be had online. I’m including leather-like goods as well for the sake of wallet-weakness (and the karma gods).

Lauren’s big brown bag $33 with 15% painfullyhip discount code

Geo retro doctor bag: $61 with 15% painfullyhip discount code YUM.

embossed snakeprint satchel $20


Temperley London bags at