check me out: attempting to claw my way out of a heavy funk

The questionable weather, my 2nd contraction of a flu virus within a week, overwhelming stressiness, and the fact that apparently there’s a conspiracy to turn Sacramento into a retirement town (aka shut down the only decent dance club in the city) has really gotten me down. I could barely get myself out of bed this morning. So. Just to spite the suckage, I decided to put on the most obnoxiously bright, cheerful, and totally impractical outfit I could find.

sleeveless, cropped wool sweater: thrifted, $8
high-waisted mini skirt: thrifted 75 cents
electric blue belt: thrifted, $1
f$%&ing beautifully saturated vintage silk scarf (seriously the best thing ever): traded for my thrifted 50 cent earrings with a girl at a bar
electric blue vintage pumps with buckle detail: thrifted $4
pleather bomber: Le Chateau $80

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